Lecture Slides


I have heard reports that some parts of these PDFs don’t render properly in Adobe Reader. I recommend that you view these PDFs in your browser or via an alternative PDF viewer such as Zathura or Evince (Linux) or Foxit Reader (Windows).


Turning in Worksheets

You should turn in your worksheets on Gradescope. They are due the Friday after we finish covering them in class. You need to upload the worksheet as a PDF. There are many apps that can do this. On Android the Google Drive app has scan-to-PDF functionality. On iOS, you can scan using the Notes app and export to a PDF.

Gradescope requires that you submit the same number of pages as the blank worksheet template. If you don’t want to print out the worksheet and instead do the problems on a blank sheet of paper, you may need to add additional blank pages to make the number of pages match the required number of pages.

Lecture Recordings

Click here for the lecture recording YouTube playlist.

Date Lecture # Zoom Recording Zoom Passcode YouTube Recording
2021-01-13 01 Zoom Link q8u=ur7& https://youtu.be/H9ecWI_O3L8
2021-01-20 02 Zoom Link qGH4Fiv& https://youtu.be/foiHqZrBmMo
2021-01-25 03 Zoom Link 3601ED&0 https://youtu.be/ry2DP9GaH-4
2021-01-27 04 Zoom Link TVC6wY=h https://youtu.be/2jK-WB92IIs
2021-02-01 05 Zoom Link t!P2*i++ https://youtu.be/UGavHMYRYlk
2021-02-03 06 Zoom Link j1MJFBD% https://youtu.be/9z0HLj4yZZw
2021-02-08 07 Zoom Link qS5B@98b https://youtu.be/uo95GfkIWdg
2021-02-10 08 Zoom Link KZDB?c4Z https://youtu.be/Ddrt7Dfiy1k
2021-02-17 09 Zoom Link MS&t8nzj https://youtu.be/ZauIDciBJ8k
2021-02-22 10 Zoom Link !BWK9BKt https://youtu.be/07wuGe4vJNM
2021-02-24 11 Zoom Link VZ5xm3@a https://youtu.be/F_BglTkPj0Q
2021-03-01 12 Zoom Link mz.C0ask https://youtu.be/twc1GHPXTgM
2021-03-03 13 Zoom Link 89m&8p^5 https://youtu.be/xuaY_jSn0Ig
2021-03-08 14 Zoom Link E@47phG! https://youtu.be/u2T5yQSwwtM
2021-03-10 15 Zoom Link !5*GLRxg https://youtu.be/VWv73mfqmlw
2021-03-17 16 Zoom Link Yub.SQu9 https://youtu.be/LAcowTbyMMM
2021-03-24 17 Zoom Link UhM%qz28 https://youtu.be/wnaR2MSZfH0
2021-04-05 18 Zoom Link vBvY%u8W https://youtu.be/2nOLWeG335s
2021-04-07 19 Zoom Link i^N6X4@v https://youtu.be/qzhwGSZZ3EA
2021-04-12 20 Zoom Link %Ft6s=9S https://youtu.be/sRE0oQopaDg
2021-04-14 21 Zoom Link G52??wg* https://youtu.be/3yAPFf0rpv8
2021-04-19 22 Zoom Link v%3vbRMO https://youtu.be/DN23Ic0HSJg
2021-04-21 23 Zoom Link n.b*^hE9 https://youtu.be/3zlVGk3Jos4
2021-04-26 24 Zoom Link s*K6P1.L https://youtu.be/uE3lGdlxArA
2021-04-28 25 Zoom Link Z%eJxmN6 https://youtu.be/YX2rKwjyQcg
2021-05-03 26 Zoom Link %$B^tCF8 https://youtu.be/HSzSnlvnUFw
2021-05-05 27 Zoom Link $CEJ%*38 https://youtu.be/Zh9MwHw7ejg