Office Hours

  • Sumner’s primary office hours are on Mondays from 18:00-19:00 (right after class), and Fridays from 16:00-17:00. Both office hours are held on Mumble (see below). Sumner is also available by appointment. If you have a question about logistics (for example, grades), it is recommended to set up an appointment if possible to keep office hours focused on content.
  • Adam’s office hours are on Tuesdays 13:00-15:00 on Zoom at this link:

Mumble Info

Mumble is an open-source voice chat software. You can download Mumble from or from your distribution’s package repository. There are also mobile applications available for iOS and Android.

Connection information:

Server Address:
Port: 64738 (the default)
Username: whatever you want

Please let me know if you have any issues installing or joining the server.