Hamilton, Bermuda and Set Sail

Posted on Thu 26 May 2016 in New England Trip • Tagged with Beach, Bermuda, Hamilton, Set Sail, Travel • 2 min read

Today was our last day in Bermuda.

Elbow Beach

When we were trying to decide what to do today we wanted to really experience island life so we decided to go to the beach. We hopped on the bus that goes to all of the beaches. We received a suggestion …

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Hamilton, Bermuda Day 2

Posted on Tue 24 May 2016 in New England Trip • Tagged with Bermuda, Dockyard Museum, Ferry, Hamilton, Navy Dockyard, Parade, Snorkeling, Travel • 4 min read

Today we went snorkeling and watched the Bermuda Day Parade.

Ferry to the Navy Dockyard

We woke up fairly early to try and make it to a snorkeling tour around some shipwrecks. Unfortunately we weren't able to do the tour, it's a complicated story of why we weren't able to …

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Arrival in Hamilton, Bermuda

Posted on Mon 23 May 2016 in New England Trip • Tagged with Bermuda, Blue Water, Church Beach, Hamilton, Piano, Travel • 2 min read

Today we arrived in Bermuda, went to a beach and walked some in the town of Hamilton.

After breakfast this morning, I went down to the library to see if there was anyone who wanted to play chess. There was a guy, David, who wanted to play. He was very …

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At Sea

Posted on Sun 22 May 2016 in New England Trip • Tagged with At Sea, Cruise, Travel • 1 min read

Today we were at sea and it was fairly rough. The swells were up to 6 metres (20ft). Of course, the ship didn't go up that high, but it was going up and down quite a bit. Mom spent most of the day in the cabin, only coming out for …

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Boston, Massachusetts

Posted on Fri 20 May 2016 in New England Trip • Tagged with Aquarium, Boston, Boston Cream Pie, Massachusetts, Prudential Center Observation Deck, Science Museum, Travel, Whales • 4 min read

Today we went whale watching, went to the New England Aquarium and the Science Museum and went up the Prudential Building to the observation deck.

Whale Watching

After breakfast we headed to the dock by subway. Our Boston Go Pass allowed us to do a Whale Watching Tour. We boarded …

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Boston, Massachusetts (Lexington and Concord)

Posted on Thu 19 May 2016 in New England Trip • Tagged with Boston, Chinatown, Concord, Lexington, Massachusetts, Midinight Ride, Minutemen, MIT, Paul Revere, Trail, Travel • 6 min read

TL;DR We went to Lexington and Concord.

Starting Out

Our first order of business after we woke up was to eat breakfast. There is a Bruegger's Babel store on the same street as our hotel. After a bagel, we rode the Red line subway to Cambridge. We walked over …

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5-18-2016: New York, New York to Boston, Massachusetts

Posted on Wed 18 May 2016 in New England Trip • Tagged with Boston, Freedom Trail, Massetusetts, New York, Omni Parker Hotel, Travel • 3 min read

Today was primarily spent traveling by train from New York to Boston. We woke up and got ready to go on the train. Our hotel is literally across the street from Penn Station where we caught our train. We grabbed some breakfast for on the train and then waited for …

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5-17-2016: New York, New York

Posted on Tue 17 May 2016 in New England Trip • Tagged with Bike, Bus Tour, Central Park, Intrepid Museum, New York, Rockefeller Center, Top of the Rock, Travel • 6 min read

Although it’s the 18th, I’ll be writing this as if it were yesterday.

TL;DR today we rode the Big Bus tour bus around Lower Manhattan. Then we walked to the Intrepid Museum. After that we went biked around in Central Park and went to the Rockefeller Complex …

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5-16-2016: New York, New York

Posted on Mon 16 May 2016 in New England Trip • Tagged with 9/11, 9/11 Memorial, 9/11 Museum, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Immigration, New York, Statue of Liberty, Subway, Travel • 10 min read

Today seemed like a really long day because it was. We started out at 07:45 and arrived back at the hotel at 23:00 (11 PM for those of you who don't understand 24 hour time).

TL;DR We went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island then …

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5-15-2016 Denver, CO to New York, NY

Posted on Sun 15 May 2016 in New England Trip • Tagged with Colorado, Denver, Manhattan, New York, New York City, Plane, Time Square, Travel • 3 min read

Today my mom and I arrived in New York, New York. We made it through the Denver TSA Security fairly quickly, and got to our gate with plenty of time. We boarded the plane without issue, but I had the fortune of sitting in front of a baby who kicked …

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