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Lisbon, Portugal - Day 3

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Due to staying up way too late last night in Alfama, today was a day for relaxing. I woke up just before noon, and a few people that I’d hung out with at various points over the past few days (and who had also been out late last night partying) were planning to go to a beach in Cascais, a town a bit west of Lisbon.

There were seven of us in total: Ben (the guy I hung out with for most of the time last night), Jaimes, Maggie, Sadie, Chewy, Kiara, and myself. We took an Uber (or something like that) on our way to Cascais.

By that time some of us were hungry, and decided to get some food. I went with Chewy (who is from Singapore), Sadie (from LA, I think), and Jaimes (who is from the states somewhere I think) to a great seafood restaurant called Taberna Clandestina Cascais.

Left to right: me, Sadie, Chewy, Jaimes. I had a delicious seafood pasta.

Eating at Taberna Clandestina Cascais

Left to right: me, Sadie, Chewy, Jaimes. I had a delicious seafood pasta.

At that point, we headed over to the beach where the other three were lounging. I got in the water for a few minutes, but it was pretty cold, so I ended up napping most of the afternoon on the beach. Late in the afternoon, a few of us decided to rent paddle boards to go around the harbour.

Paddle boarding off the coast of Cascais

Credit: Kiara

By the time we were done paddle boarding, it was mid-evening and so we decided to get some dinner. I went with Jaimes, Chewy, and Ben (who is from somewhere in the states) to a place called Moules & Gin. Their speciality was moules, Portuguese for mussels. We ordered two buckets of mussels: one in a pesto broth/sauce, and the other one with garlic flavoured broth. We also ordered salmon and tuna tartare and an order of steak and frites. And of course, we had to have some gin as well to round out the meal. It was delicious, and it was definitely the most mussels I’d ever eaten in one sitting.

The mussels were served in nice flavourful broths/sauces.

Eating lots of mussels at Moules & Gin

The mussels were served in nice flavourful broths/sauces.

After dinner, we took the train from Cascais back to Lisbon and I went to bed because it was already quite late.