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Sumner Evans
Software Engineer at Automattic working on Beeper

Denver to Berlin

Written by Human, Not by AI

This week, I am heading to Berlin for the week for the Berlin Matrix Community Summit! The event will happen on Thursday through Saturday, but I am heading there early so that I can work and have a bit of vacation before the summit.

I flew out on Saturday late afternoon on Lufthansa. There seem to be no direct flights to Berlin, so I flew through Frankfurt on the way out (and will fly via Munich on the way back).

Both flights were rather uneventful, though there was some turbulence. Maybe it’s just a German airline thing, but they didn’t turn on the fasten seatbelt light even when it was quite bumpy.

A guy from Germany that is attending the conference that I’ve been in contact with told me about a 9€ transit ticket that allows access to almost all public transit within Germany for the month of August. It was fortunate that he told me about it, because it was not obvious how to buy it at the ticket machine, but I found it and got on the S-Bahn to Jannowitzbrücke. My hotel was only a couple hundred meters away from the station.

By the time I got to Berlin, I was quite tired, but it was too early to go to bed so I tried to stay awake by going to get some dinner and wander around. I still ended up going to sleep very early, but at a reasonable-enough time that I’ll be able to get on a decent sleep schedule tomorrow.