Jonathan Sumner Evans
Sumner Evans
Software Engineer at Automattic working on Beeper

End of Cruise

Written by Human, Not by AI

Today was the end of our cruise :(

I woke up rather early to go say goodbye to Alex and Eric.

Alex, Eric, and me
Alex, Eric, and me

Then we went to eat breakfast. Then we finished packing our bags and then played some ping pong while we waited to disembark. Eventually we just decided to play stupid and just get off because we started to be concerned with getting to the airport on time. It worked, and it was a good thing because once we got off the ship we had to wait in a massive queue at immigration. Still, we made it to the airport with plenty of time.

The flight was a bit turbulent, and I swear there were babies in every row of the plane so the crying levels were real. Good thing I’m just a big baby and took a nap for most of the flight XD.

Well, we are home now, and it’s back to school! I may also post a reflections post if I feel like it.