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Half Moon Cay

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This morning we arrived on a private island owned by Holland America Line (HAL) called Half Moon Cay. We arrived at around 8:00, during breakfast.

We disembarked fairly early, so not many people had gotten off the boat yet. We began by walking around on the paths around the island. We came across a garden and the gardener called us in to give us a tour. He was very nice and talkative. He explained all of the various plants and trees that were growing in the garden. One interesting plant was the Seven-Year Apple which produces apples (duh) but it takes seven years per apple! We continued walking and saw some horses and then we went out to the beach.

We walked a ways to find a place to snorkel. We found a decent place at the end of the beach near some rocks. There were some fishes, not a ton, but it was still cool (literally, the water was really cold). We were able to use the snorkel gear that we got for Christmas, and it worked really well.

After we snorkelled, Hannah and I went to play volleyball which we did until around 2:00 when we went back to the boat. (We did stop for a couple minutes to get lunch at the island grill. Since it was a HAL-owned island, the food was included.)

I don’t remember what we did that afternoon. (I’m writing this on the 31st; yes I’m behind.) After dinner, we went to the show which was a piano player. He was very good and was extremely fast with his fingers.