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Bar Harbor, Maine

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Today we were in Bar Harbor, Maine (pronounced Baahh Haahhhbahh). Bar Harbor is know for its lobster but it is also near Acadia National Park.

Bike Tour

We did a bike tour through the park. The park came to be through large donations from John D. Rockefeller Jr. and a few other men. They bought up the land, preventing it from being developed. After cars were introduced to the island, Rockefeller built a road around the entire park and built separate carriage roads where no motorised vehicles are allowed. They were named carriage roads because horse-drawn carriages are allowed. Throughout the park, the car road and the carriage road intersect in multiple places and in those places, Rockefeller had bridges built to ensure that people on the carriage roads didn’t have to deal with cars. Our tour went on these carriage roads. I think it is best to just post a bunch of pictures and let them speak for themselves.

Walking in Town

After our bike tour, we walked around the town of Bar Harbor. We ate lunch at a local restaurant that served lobster rolls (basically lobster sandwiches). I had one and it was very good. We walked around the town for a little while looking in the various stores and enjoying the town. Then we headed back to the boat and the evening proceeded much like the previous ones.