Jonathan Sumner Evans
Sumner Evans
Software Engineer at Automattic working on Beeper

At Sea

Written by Human, Not by AI

Today we were at sea and it was fairly rough. The swells were up to 6 metres (20ft). Of course, the ship didn’t go up that high, but it was going up and down quite a bit. Mom spent most of the day in the cabin, only coming out for dinner. I was up more than her. I ate all three meals, but towards the middle of the afternoon it was really getting bad. To cope, I took a Dramamine pill and napped in the cabin. That was most of the day.

This evening, we are dinner with a couple from Connecticut. He’d been career military and then had two more careers. She married him when he was in the military and they’ve been married almost 50 years. We had some nice conversation with them.

It was a formal dinner so we had dressed up all nice for the meal. I had escargot, chicken noodle soup (fancy chicken noodle of course), and stuffed noodle things. It was pretty good.

After dinner, I came up to the Lido deck to work on my blog. Anyway, tomorrow should be more interesting as we arrive in Bermuda.