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Day 9: At Sea

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Like I promised I will describe to you the nature of the ship today. Hopefully it isn’t to convoluted for you to understand. I will hopefully before the trip is completed be able to add a link to the website with the plans of the ship and of the rooms. And as a picture tells a thousand words… My posts will only be a helper as you look through the pictures. Maybe I will post that in Lisbon, or… Maybe not. We’ll see. [The rest of this posts will be posted under the title Day 11: At Sea] I admit, I have been staying up watching shows etc. way too late and once I get to the blog it is often eleven o’clock at night. Right now I am writing this while waiting for a show to start. Now you can go to Day 11. See you there!



Today I had set an alarm for 8:15. We got up and dressed, and went to breakfast AT THE RIGHT TIME! Afterwards, I went to club HAL. I started off with making ANOTHER friendship bracelet. It is REALLY COOL. This morning was movie morning, so we watched a movie called Over the Hedge. It is a REALLY funny movie. You should watch it. We a few difficulties with the DVD player. (Well, we also used the DVD player for the X-box 360) You know what? Whenever one of the counsler lady got up to fix it, the movie started to play normally again. It was HILARIOUS! Not much yet, going to lunch right now.


Welcome back to the Noordam Cruise boat! We just finished lunch. I just figured out that I have A LOT of “secret” friends. For instence, John (the 21ish year old) we have this “secret smile. And Lance Ringnald and I are “friends.” (Although, we just say hi, and have this smile thing) Anyway, back to the story. Right after lunch I went back to Club HAL. We did oragami. I had had LOTS of practice last year. (I had had this oragami calender) I got to help most of them. Apparently my friend, Caleb, hurt his foot. So I did not see him for the whole afternoon. After oragami, we got to start a scrapbook. I did mine on the cruise. Anyhoo, after scrapbooking we played gaga ball. It was REALLY fun and tiring.



Here we are at dinner. It started raining toward the end of dinner. GUESS WHAT??? We saw another ship! (Although it WAS some sort of fishing or cargo ship) AT LEAST we saw another form of civilization! We are now confidant that we will make it across the Atlantic Ocean. Woohoo! excactly after dinner, I went to Club HAL. Tonight was Carnival Night. We got to play ALL sorts of games. There was also face painting. I got a flower, but washed it off when I got in the room. Kate (the instructer for the 3-7 yr olds; and the lady that did face painting) she gave me a REALLY pretty flower on the side of my face.) For prizes, I got 2 Holland America Line rubiks cubes. I also got a Club HAL "The Loft" keychain. I am SO excited because we are going to our 1st port tomaorrow! We are landing in Ponta Delgada in the Azores. (A set of islands owned by Portugal.) Got to go to bed now! Good night people!

-Hannah- :P