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Day 8: At Sea

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Nothing much happened different than the other days at sea therefore I will not spend much time describing the days activities. Basically if you take all the previous posts that I have written, mesh them all together (give or take a few things) and then make a day out of them you will get some idea of what happened today. Colton and I tried to solve a sudoku puzzle (we didn’t succeed I think that we messed up one our logic for one square which screwed up everything else. Oh well, maybe we’ll succeed tomorrow.)

Instead of describing the rest of the days actividades (Español/Spanish for activities, did you understand my Spanish?) I will tell you what our room is like. When we went to Vietnam I described most of the places that we stayed, I will do the same with this trip, however it will be much easier seeing that there are only eight places that we are staying instead of… Oh good grief, just go look at the older blog posts for the number. Also tomorrow I will do the same thing except I will describe the ship as a whole to you. The reason for me choosing these days is twofold, on the one hand, I have been procrastinating slightly and, secondly, I have almost run out of days at sea on which I can write on this topic without you missing to much of the excitement.

* * * * *

I shall start outside the room in the corridor about to open the latch. Once you use your key card to get in, open go about one step and to your left is the door to the bathroom which I will describe in more detail later. (by the way, think small when you are thinking about our cabin, really small) to your right just after you have entered the cabin is a sofa which is about six (or seven at the most) feet long. It is one of those sofas that turns around a corner, and in that corner, behind the sofa, there is a lamp, nothing spectacular but a lamp. Around the corner, butting up with the sofa, is a vanity/place for junk to go. I need not tell you what sort of junk is on there but you can fairly well guess. In the corner about two feet off above table is a television. There is one channel that has a live map of where the ship is and it also has some information about the weather, speed of the boat, depth of the sea, time, etc. To the right of this is a series of closets, three of them to be exact. They are each about two feet wide. In some parts of the closet there are shelves and in other parts there is room to hang clothes. We brought some hangers along because they don’t give you very many and we would definitely be at a loss for hangers. What I have described so far is the wall directly to your right after you come into the cabin.

The wall that is opposite the door has nothing on it save a painting. To the left of this wall is another wall (profound… Not) anyway this wall starts where the back wall left off and ends by the side of the bathroom. On this wall are the two beds for mom and Oma, they aren’t even really twin size, but they are sufficient for our needs. The beds can be joined to become one bed but we had them separated. In between these beds are two nightstands, side by side. These are moved to the side of the bed when it is desired to have only one bed. Above these beds is another bed that drops down from the ceiling. Every morning the people who clean the room raise the bed back up and then in the evening lower it again for a person to occupy it for the night. This bed is the same size as the ones below it but it is situated so that it is perpendicular to the beds below. Just in case you were wondering, the bed is gotten to by means of a ladder. (A note on the more eloquent writing style that I am using. I blame the fact that I am reading a book by G.A. Henty, True to the Old Flag. It was written in the eighteen hundreds and the style is much like the style in which I am currently writing. It is actually kinda fun (that definitely wasn’t in Henty’s style), you ought to try it sometime (if of course you so desire)) back to my description though. There is another wall on the other side of the bed from the back wall. This wall is a little longer than the upper bed is wide. On this wall are some places to hang stuff on.

I said towards the beginning of the description of the room that to the right just after you enter the cabin is the bathroom. Well this is the thing that creates the last part of the main rooms walls and the wall to your left as you enter the cabin. The door to the bathroom is just a foreshadowing to the interiors size. Which can be summed up in one word. Small. As you enter the bathroom, on your right is the sink and counter, this covers the entire wall. Like most sinks there’s a mirror covering the entire wall as well. There is a cabinet that is in a triangular shape, an isosceles triangle whose even sides are the one sitting up against the adjacent walls. The even sides are about six inches long. This is situated in the corner, on the wall that touches this corner that i have not described to this point is… Drumroll please… Nothing. Now granted it is about two feet long and is not very spectacular. By the way, the whole of the bathroom is of one piece, maybe two. The sink, floor, shower, (not the toilet) are all made of one piece. We have theorized that the reason for this is that it makes sure that the whole of the bathroom fits. After this small wall, is a slanted wall in which the toilet is located. After this wall is another straight wall which is part of the shower. This shower is slanted so that one side is to the left of he toilet and the other by the door. You can guess on what he shower is like if you want, just think small. Oh, I almost neglected to tell you that in he shower is a drying line for your clothes. It is retractable, not unlike those retractable dog leashes, and goes all the way across the shower. I hope that I have not bored you too much but you can’t email me and complain ecause I dont have great Internet connection and I probably won’t get you r complaint in time to stop the progress of my next post on the nature of the ship in which we are sailing currently. (man! You really can tack on a lot of useless words to a sentence. Don’t expect me to start talking like this, just writing for me thank you!)



Today we woke up at 9:30 AGAIN!!! I am getting SO annoyed with all this time changing. No, REALLY!!! For the past few days, there has been NO 2:00PM. Well, Sumner and I got dressed REALLY fast. I went to breakfast with Sumner. (Although, I didn’t have ANYTHING, except some VERY hot tea.) After “breakfast” I went to Club HAL. when I got there, they were just starting to play board games. I played Disney Monopoly Jr. I was fun-ish. When I got tired of playing that game, we got to play the wii. we played a wii game called wii resort. What we played was 100 pin bowling, then we played sword fighting. In bowling, I got all 100 PINS down on the first try! (That means I got a STRIKE!) I got the chance to play Sumner. I KILLED him! It was REALLY fun. After the wii, we all went down for ice cream. They had this sherbert called rainbow serbert. It was SO good. When we went back up to the Club HAL room, we played a game called Gaga ball. (No, it is NOT named after Lady Gaga.) It is where you smack the ball and try to hit BELOW the knees of another person. And you can’t double touch it. Soon after that, I went swimming with Caleb, Bailey, and Nathan. It was fun. It was formal night again. It is SO much fun getting to dress up and be fancy. After dinner, the entire family went to the show. It was called **Ballroom Rush. **they were this couple from Belerus. (Look up where that is.) You guys should TOTALLY look them up. They were AMAZING. What they did was they could change clothes in seconds. I mean 5 seconds. It was SO cool. There names were Roman and Svitlana. After the show, I got to meet Lance Ringnald! (You know, the gold medal gymnist.) I got his autograph. Proseding shortly after, we went to the paino lounge. I got to play the piano again. I played some hyms. It was fun. We then went to bed.

-Hannah :P-