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Day 7: At Sea

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Today was another day with a late start. About nine o’clock. We were going to go to a church service but because the room doesn’t have any windows we don’t know what time it is by the sun. If we turned off the lights, even at noon it could be midnight for all that we can tell. Anyway going to the church service didn’t work because it was supposed to start at nine. Oops. We decided to go to eat our breakfast. After that Hannah went to Club HAL and I went to the pool to see if anyone wanted to play ping-pong. Colton was there so we played for a while until we went to a talk about Seville. At the beginning though, he went thought the history of architecture. Much of this I already knew. Thank you Mrs. Duncan! After the talk we went to go eat lunch and then I went back to the pool and talked for a little while with Colton and his mom and played a little more ping-pong (we are playing a lot of ping-pong). Then I came down to the room and got my bathing suit on to go swim. A little way through my bathe, Colton and his brother Sebastian came. We played for a little while end then their other brother, Nathan came. We kept on going from the hot tub and then to the regular pool and back to the hot tub again. Then we got ready to go eat. (eat, play, sleep; what a life). After the delicious dinner we went to go to watch people at the karaoke room. There were a few pretty good singers but this one guy, I felt kinda bad for him, just couldn’t carry a tune at all. After that we came back to the room. When we go there though we had some chocolate covered strawberries which we promptly ate. The people that cleaned our rooms must have done it because Oma’s meat was not very good. I must say thought that Oma didn’t complain at a all but they must have sensed that she was not pleased, no wonder that they did, she only ate a tiny portion of the meat. Anyway that was basically it but I must tell you that if any of you have pets you probably should be wary of mom when she gets back because each night the people who clean the room always make a creation with the towels. The past two nights when the have done so mom has murdered the creations before Hannah had come down from club HAL by putting her jacket on it! Pets beware.



!!! I ONLY have a sprain! We went to the doctor today, and got a few X-Rays, and the doctor got the results back and all is wellish! Also, I got crutches. I kind of feel a little silly. It is fun, but I feel a little obvious. I have to do the RICE thing.





I learned you do that if you have a sprain. Interesting huh? Anyway, the crutches are fun yet obvious and standing out. Well. Right now we are going to go to the pool. wish us LUCK and good FORTUNE. (You know, I have NO clue why I just put that in.)



Hey! I can actually walk now! It took a while to get ready for dinner, but we/I made it!

We got to sit next to the window again. The sky was a little hazy, but it still was REALLY pretty. I am SO glad we got to sit next to the window! Instead of going to the show, (it was a comedy act, and I didn’t think it would be interesting) I went to Club HAL. I came in when they were making a paper-mache volcano. It was REALLY messy, but it was fun. After that, we made maps about a “dream” camp. (it was not REALLY a dream camp.) I made my camp with a 9 year old boy named Caleb. He is REALLY talkative. (Just saying :P) In our camp we had to have a: Title,nicknames for campers, mascot, rules, menu, map, song/chant, and a secret handshake. After we made our poster thing, we went to the 3-7 yr old room. (They have a separate room) We presented our camps to them. Shortly there after, we all had to go to our state rooms (AKA cabins) Got to head to bed now!