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Day 6: At Sea

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The day started out really late today, ten o’clock for me. We didn’t go to breakfast because we were going to have lunch in just a few hours. I decided to go up to the crows nest but on the way I saw a boy that was bouncing a ping-pong ball on a paddle. He looked like he was just slightly bored. So I asked him if he wanted to play. We played ping-pong for about half an hour and then Colton, that’s the boys name, and I went down to the theater to watch a talk about the history of the cruise boat. I met Oma and mom down there at the talk, which was very interesting. I learned a lot about cruising in the speech. Then we met up with Hannah went to go eat lunch. After lunch, which was really good, mom and Oma went to go watch another talk and I went up to the crows nest to do my class. While I was waiting for the ladies to show up the people that I had done the trivia with yesterday called me over to play with them. I didn’t help much but it was kinda neat just to listen to the questions and think of good answers. Anyway, as the people in my iPad class showed up I asked them if it would be OK if we just met two hours later at four for the class instead of two because the talk that mom and Oma were going to was on that the ladies in my class wanted to go to as well. I decided go go up to Club HAL to see what they were doing it wasn’t anything that I wanted to do at that moment so I went down to the pool and talked with Colton’s brothers and mom. He has two brothers, one is named Sebastian, the other is Nathan. Colton is ten, and the others are seven and eight, I just don’t know which one is which. Anyway, I went back up to Club HAL for a few minutes until I went to go do my iPad class. After class we decided to meet in two days, on Monday, so that they could try out everything that we had gone over. At that point it was about time for dinner so we went to the room and got ready. The food was good and after we had eaten we went to the show. Today it was an Olympic gymnast performing some things. Mainly he used silk things that hung from the ceiling to do some tricks on. One time though he said that he was going to take a break and let the band play but he went over to the piano and started playing with them! He had learned to play because for the last few years he as been doing shows on cruise ships and he had learned from the musicians that he met on the boats. He also did a few juggling routines, one of witch he did in the dark with lighted balls. It was really cool. After the show we went back to the room to go to bed.



This morning we woke up REALLY late. AGAIN. and I had to get to the jewelr’s shop for my modeling job. It was fun, but kind of boring after a while. I mean, you have to learn about pearls. And what’s the difference? Just go for the cheapest! (Why? Because the most expensive cost around $6,500!) But actually, you SHOULD go on the internet and look at the differences. there are actually A LOT. I was at the pearl demonstration for the ENTIRE morning. I got pulled away for lunch.(luckily :D) Lunch was in the buffet. As usual. Then I went up to Club HAL. Oh! I found out what HAL means in Club HAL! HAL means










I feel SO proud of my self! Anyway. At Club Hal, We played a magazine treasure hunt. You had a list, and you looked for those things in ***ONE ***magizine. I got 19 out of 25 things. I tied for 1st place. We then made door hangers. After door hangers, we played X-box 360. I started out with batman legos. then I did race cars. Then I did Indiana Jones Legos. I am now waiting for mom to finish her hair, and then we will go up to dinner. I promise I will tell you about the rest of the evening.

*Hannah* :B (those are buck teeth)