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Day 27: At Sea

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Today I will briefly describe our new room.

When you came in the door which has the same setup as the door in the other room and go in one step you are in a corridor that is about two feet wide (.6 metres). On your left is the bathroom with basically the same setup as in the other room except it has a bathtub as well. You then have to close the door by going up beyond it and then turning around and letting it close. You have to put you back against the cabinets that make up the other side of the corridor to perform this action. If you are trying to go out of the bathroom and someone else is trying to get in you have to open the door to the bathroom while they are out of the way, they have to stay out of the corridor while you come out (the door to the bathroom swings all the way so that it is almost flush with the wall). Then you have to go to either the left or right side once outside the corridor to let the other person go in on the other side because there is a bed directly in from of the corridor with maybe another two feet (.6 metres) in between. Then they can go into the corridor and close the door to the bathroom.

So maybe this is a little bit of an exaggeration but it it is 95% totally true.

Once out of the corridor like I said there is a bed. And further beyond that is another bed. These beds have the drop down bed above them. Same setup as in the other room. If you go to the right immediately after getting out of the corridor and go around the bed you have about two feet (need I tell you the conversion at this point) to get past the two beds. Once past though it opens up just a bit. There is a small table in the middle or a space of about five feet by five feet (1.5 by 1.5 metres) on the wall that the heads of the beds are on there is a sofa that folds out and on the other wall is a small desk. Like the one in the first room just a little smaller. The wall opposite to the door is all glass. There is a glass door that you go through and you are on a private veranda. It is about six, maybe seven feet by about eight feet (1.8 by 2.4 metres) it has a few chairs and a small table as well as a nice view. I said that the sofa inside folded out into a bed, well the only catch to that is that it folds out into the only open space in the cabin, the room stewards have to move the table to the side by the window and then pull out the bed. This makes it so that there is absolutely no space between the edge of the bed and the desk and about six inches (15 cm) between the edge of the fold out bed and the regular bed. At night the room is literally all beds but we didn’t spend too much time in it.



This mornng I woke up relativly early and went to breakfast with everybody. While at breakfast, I met this girl named Hannah Burch. She is 11 years old and is from St. Louis, Missouri. The funny thing is, is that her brother (logan) is 14. Though he has the height of a full grown tall man! After breakfast, I went to Club HAL. We got to go outside to the sports deck and play with some bouncy balls. The only problem was, was that there were some adults playing vollyeball up there. We only got a little space to do stuff. While I was there, the other Hannah came and asked me if I wanted to come to a rock presentation with her. OK. I have to do a little bit of explaining. Hannah and Logan came on the ship because their mom was a dentist. You probably are thinking, “So they came on because they wanted to, and you had to stick that little bit of unimportant information.” Actually, there was a dentists convention going on for the last 10 days of our cruise. Anyway, back to the story. The presentation Hannah and I went to was about the rocks that made up the islands of Santorini. It was VERY interesting. After the presentation, Hannah and I went up to the buffet restaurant (hhave I told you that the name of the buffet place is called the Lido?) Anyway, we had lunch (and dessert) at the Lido. After that, we just hung out for a while until we decided to go swimming. It was a very nice day for swimming too. After we swam for quite some time, both of us decided to shower off and go try to play some shuffleboard. (Look what that is. It is REALLY fun to play.) After shuffleboard, we went traipsing off and around the ship. At 5:40, I had to go back to the room and get ready for dinner. I am REALLY sad because that is our last casual dinner on the Noordam. Oh!!! I forgot to mention that Hannah and I went to the BIG show room to watch this performance of OLD LADIES TAP DANCING AND WEARING SHORT MINNIE SKIRTS!!! It was REALLY funny. You could probably look them up online. there were called the moquitos. Tonight at dinner, was our last formal night instead of our last casual night. I was SO  sad! Guess what I had for dinner? If you guys know what these things are, you will be jealous. If you don’t know what that is. LOOK IT UP!!! I ate …


Do you know what that stuff costs? Caviar can cost up to $2,400 per pound on the VERY high end. It was REALLY good though. It kind of tasted like salty squishy things. And the escargot was absolutly fabulous. After dinner, I went to Club HAL. I am SO sorry, but I forgot what we did.

-Hannah-  :)