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Day 20: At Sea

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Today was my first sea day that I didn’t have Colton to hang out with. Luckily however I found some other boys that are nice. It just wasn’t the same t I still had fun. The first thing that I did was go to the meet and greet hosted by the cruise critic people. At the beginning one of the crew members spoke and hen people got up and started to make announcements. Mrs. Irene asked me if I wanted to make an announcement, meaning of course about having an iPad class. I made an impromptu announcement. And I sat back down with an iPad class at three. Then I went to find someone to play with. I found Noah, Elijah, Logan, and Hannah in the Lido Dining Room. We decided to go play chess on this big board with huge pieces we played Noah, Elijah, and me against Logan. We got into a stalemate. Then we played another game “Go-For-It” style. We kept on attacking with our king and we were doing pretty well until we realized that the king was kind in danger without anywhere to go for protection. We lost that game. At that point I had to go and do my iPad class. A lady came to me and said “So what are you going to teach me?” she got out her tablet/computer (she had an Android tablet with a keyboard attached. I had never seen one but like I told Mrs. Irene later I think I looked intelligent enough, anything that I did was more than she knew. That took up the first part of the class and then I helped out Mrs. Irene a little bit. She has three different accounts, and it’s a mess figuring out what has what and which one has anything etc. with no Internet connection. I found the boys again in the Lido Restaurant and we decided to go swimming. Only Elijah Logan and I got in. Then they had to leave and I played a game or two of ping-pong with a boy named Angus. He’s an Australian and he’s good at ping-pong he won. Twice. Anyway then I went back to my room to get ready for formal night. After dinner I saw the boys going to dinner but on the way we stopped to listen to a string quartet. They’re from Russia and played some songs that I think Hannah has played before. Anyway, after that I went to the Loft to see if anyone would come. No one came but I played games with the leader until bedtime.



Today we woke up relitivly early. (Which was good) Mom, Sumner and me went to breakfast. Because new people came on the boat, there is that rule where you can’t touch anything for 48hrs. I don’t like that rule personally. We hurriedly finished getting ready and then went to the meet and greet thing at 10:00am. It was interesting, yet not. I made friends with an officer named Mark. He says Santorini will be the best port. He told me to tell him if he was right.During tge neetubg, we went through the straights of Messini. As we come back through, there WILL be crew members telling about the meeting. I went to Club HAL. I started by playing Indiana Jones on the x-box. and then made bead animals. (They are animals made out of colorful beads. DUH!) WE then got Oma and went to have lunch. Today we decided to get lunch in the dining room because Oma was not feeling well. It was a yummy lunch. After lunch, I played ping pong with mom for at least and hour. After ping pong,we went to Club HAL. I got there just as they were headed to ice cream. I got teea and peppermints instead of ice cream. During ice cream, mom came in and told me I had to go to the pearl stringing. When I got there, Jane (the pearl expert) told me to go help the other ladies at the table. there were these two ladies from New Zealand. Kathrine, one of the ladies, was having exceptionally hard time with stringing the pearls. I helped her, (AKA doing all the work for her) when she had to leave, she basically asked me if I could finish it for her. I got to finish the necklace. It is REALLY pretty. WhileI worked on her strand, I helped the other ladies at the table. Do you know what is really funny? Three of the four other ladies at the table were from Colorado. Two are sisters and they are from Boulder, and the other lady is from Breckenridge. that was REALLY funny. After pearl stringing, I went to go get ready. We had a lovely dinner with new and old friends. I am pretty sure that we get to keep our same table we had the first part of the cruise. After dinner, we met Logan (14) Hannah (11) **different family **Elijah (13) and Noah (15). If you take those families and our family, this is what you have.

11,12,13,14,14, and 15.

That is funny isn’t it? We got to listen to the string quartet with the “new gang” until the other families had to go to dinner. I went to Club HAL. The whole night we did bead animals. I now have a collection of animals. I have an adult lizard, a baby lizard, a dragon fly, and a butterfly. The baby lizard had to have some adjustments because the string wasn’t long enough. And the butterfly, I was the first person in Club HAL, even the leaders. I have to tell them how to make the butterfly. They don’t even know how! But I did. (it actually was not that hard at all.) Ithen went STRAIGHT to bed.