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Day 2: Ft. Lauderdale FL

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Day 2

Can you believe it? Tomorrow is the BIG day! We are going on our cruise tomorrow around noon. (Maybe before.) Anyway… Today was the last minute shopping time. Such as Target, Walgreens and  CVS/Farmacy (that is the southern Walgreens.) Today wasn’t very interesting, but I’ll tell you, in 7-9 days, there will be LOTS of news. Well maybe tomorrow will be interesting. Why? Because I will probably tell everyone about and what’s on the boat. It will be VERY exciting. Well I gotta go to bed now, see ya’ll later!

~Hannah~   :)


Today Oma (our grandma) came to Ft. Lauderdale. She arrived at around ten o’clock. We decided to go to go to a few stores to get some things that we needed and then we went to have lunch. We drove around trying to find a place to eat and we ended back up at the food court in the mall. From the we made our way back to the hotel for a few minutes. Then we went out to a pharmacy to try and fill a prescription. We went to one store but they said to go to another one so we went there. We decided to go find a place for a small “dinsert” (dinner-desert mixed together)(I hope dad isn’t reading this…) Anyway we decided to go to the Haagen-Dazs store but when we arrived at the “destination” it wasn’t there. Well, not wanting to deprive ourselves of our dinsert we went up to another place that served donuts and ice cream. But as we approached the draw bridge over the Intercostal Waterway we saw that it was opened. The thing was starting to go down but one part wouldn’t go down! We waited a few minutes to see if the drawbridge would close it didn’t do we were lucky enough to be close to a place where we could turn around. I searched for another place with the stuff that we wanted and founds one. Close to the first drugstore! By the way,  I still don’t know if the drawbridge ever closed. Anyway the place we ended up getting our dinsert was at a gas station! Needless to say we took our donuts to our hotel. That’s about it. Currently I am trying to get ready for bed, tomorrow we will be starting on our cruise YAY!!! I’ll probably post in a few days, we won’t have very good Internet access and we will have to pay a fortune to buy what time we do use so I’ll write posts each day but not actually post them for a few days.

~ Sumner