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Day 18: At Sea

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Today was an at sea day. Nothing much happened of too much interest so I will describe our plans for the rest of the trip. Our next port is C-something (I can’t remember the actual name). Here one cruise starts and another ends. This is because there are actually two cruises that we are going on, a sixteen day one and then a ten day one. So far we have completed the sixteen day one and will continue on the ten day one. Unfortunately the Baldersons are not coming on the next part of the cruise so I will not have much to do each day, not that that matters too much because there are a lot of ports that we are going to in the next part of the cruise. I will still miss them though to have something to do in the spare time that we do have on the ship. So I told you guys earlier that I have been doing some Club HAL activities. I am actually too old to do those activities as it goes up through twelve. There is a teen group, of which I am the only member right now but in the next cruise there will be fourteen other teens. Tomorrow or maybe it is day after that I will go to the meeting and see if I like any of the kids and if they’re jerks or not. I definitely won’t be able to go to any Club HAL activities though. Oh well. Anyway the next cruise ends in Rome and Oma will stay with us there for a few days and then she will fly home and dad will come over to join us. We will stay in Rome for a few more days and then go on to Florence, Venice, and I think another city that slips my mind at this time (I have a lot of times that that has been happening as I have been writing this blog, maybe it is because I am writing this at **:**pm. hey last night I was up ’till *:**pm

\[dad don't read the part that you just read\]

). Anyway eventually we we will reach Germany and dad will fly home, the rest of us will go and visit the town that mom and dad lived in for four years in Germany back before Hannah and I were born. Then we too will fly home to all y’all. Unless of course you live somewhere else besides Denver, Colorado. Well I about to have some nice views of the back of my eyelids so see ya!



Today we woke up at a resonable-ish time. (Around 9:00) We got up and went to the Bible study that was being held. It was REALLY fun, because the WHOLE entire time, we just sang hymns acapelo. It was fun. I went STRAIGHT from the Bible study to Club HAL. I came in right when they were in the middle of a game of Cranium. It was REALLY fun. After Cranium, we went down for ice cream. After ice cream, we got to have free time. So my friend Eva (A-vuh) had this BRILLIENT idea to hold a party for our leaders, Betsy and Rebecca. We had to go into the “kids” room (The 3-7 room) to ask Kate (The leader for the 3-7’s) for supplies. We got it and went to the “loft” (the 13-17 yr old room) We made posters and cool star decorations, and we also made journals for Betsy and Rebecca. It was REALLY fun, UNTIL I relized I was REALLY late for lunch. So I went to the room and found a note saying my family was at the buffet restaurant. When I got there, no one from my family was there. AAHH!! I was lost! Apparently, Gede, (guh-day, and one of my FAVORITE guys on the ship) asked me if I needed something, I said my family, so he helped me look for my mom. They were not where they were, so He told me to stay in one place while he went to look for my mom. It was SO nice of him. I then told him I would go to my room and see if they were there. They were! So I rushed BACK up to the buffet to tell Gede I found my mom. All was well. Gede did say I was JUST like his sister. After lunch I went to find Sumner. I found him playing a tema trivia. his team, (Just Sumner and Colton, age 10) failed and they only got 2 anwers 100% correct. After the team trivia was over I went with Oma and Colton to watch the towel folding demonstration. The guy that did it was REALLY good. At the end, Colton and I got free towel animals. I got an elephant. It was REALLY cool. Colton told me to meet him at a certain time, we both got there at the EXCACT same time! We walked together to the second floor, but I had to go to the nineth floor, so I parted with him and went on my merry way. :D When I got to Club HAL, the other kids had just gotten back from playing out on the sports deck. When they came in, we all played gaga ball for the rest of the time. After gaga ball, I went back to the loft with Eva and finished the decorations and preparations. I went back to the room to get ready. During dinner, the chefs of the kitchen paraded around the whole Vista Dinning Room with their famous BAKED ALASKA. We got it and it was pretty sweet and good. I also got to have tea. When I went up to Club HAL, we played gaga ball for about 30 minutes. Apparently I am REALLY good at it and I get EVERYONE out. (except me of course!) Betsy stopped us and told us to make a BIG circle and sit on our pillows. (Tonight was the PJ goodbye party. We had to bring our pillows for something I will tell you about if you keep on reading.) So, what were we doing with the pillows? We had a HUGE pillow fight. Well, it was a little different than what you probably do, but it still was fun. You had to pair up with one other person and Betsy played some energizing music. We got to hit each other, but it could only be below the shoulders and if you hit the head, the other person got a free bottom hit. You also couldn’t swing downward. Like over your head. I HAD to go against Caleb. It was cort of fun, but I would have rather gone with Eva, the girl that is my age. (6th grade, but she is still 11) Oh well. After the 1 on 1 pillow fights, we got a 2 minute free-for-all pillow craze. I had 3 boys hitting me at the same time. It was REALLY annoying. After the pillow fights, it came to the fun part. Surprising Betsy and Rebecca. We got to blindfold them and lead them into the Loft. When they took off their blindfolds, they got blasted with balloons and surprises. It was SO much fun! After the “Opening” Eva, Lily, Anya and me all sang 2 songs. One was called “The Moose the Moose” and the other was called “Baby shark” Maybe I can sing it all for you guys when I get back. That would be fun. After our singing performance, Anya and Eva did a mimeming act. It was REALLY funny. After that, we got to tell jokes. I will tell those to you guys as well. After the “Opening” we watched Mickey and the Beanstalk. (And other Mickey shows.) I then got EVERYONES contacts and said goodbye. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( I then had to go STRAIGHT to bed.