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Thirty-sixth Day - Phu Quoc 12/7/10

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Today we went on a tour of the sothern part of Phu Quoc. We started out and waited for them at the front gate. While we were waiting the owner of Cassia Cotteges came up to us and asked where we were going. We said that we had organised a tour with John’s Tours and were waiting to be picked up. His comment about them was “Oh, go get another cofee, they’re always late.” He obdviously didn’t like the lateness (I don’t think that is a word is it, oh well I’ve made up more that a few words while wrighting this blog) of Johns Tours. We also asked him if they spoke good English and his comment was that “there will be somone that can speak enough to say ’now it’s time to get out to snorkel’ and ‘sorry the coke isn’t cold’ and stuff like that.” Anyway we were picked up by a taxi and went to one of their many offices and got onto a bus. We drove around for a while allong the beach and then stopped to “see how pearls were formed.” Of course the real reason was to let us buy stuff. We did get to see them open a few clams to see if there were any pearls in them. After shopping we got back into the bus and drove to a dock and got onto a boat. We went out for a while and then stopped to do some fishing but the seas were pretty choppy and we moved to another place. Then we went snorkling. Hannah had some problems because her fins didn’t work and so she couldn’t stay up, they were just flaping around not doing anything. So she took off her fins and got a life jacket just in case. We snorkeled to the reef. It wasn’t much of a reef, all of the coral was dead and it seamed like there wasn’t anything alive exept small fish. All of the fish were, well, fished! Much of the reef was gone because of dynamite fishing. That’s when they drop a stick of dynamite into the water and then the shock kills all the fish and makes them rise to the surface so the fisher-men just have to pick them up. Unfourtunently it also ruins the reefs. After the first snorkeling place we sailed to another one close by. The conditoins there were just about the same, dead coral and not many fish. After thirty miniutes there we moved to another one. The first time we stopped for snorkeling all ofthe people got in. The second time about half got in. This third time it was just us and another couple. This one was a little more interesting but just as dead. There were some rocks that made it neat to look at. After that we went back to the dock and went to Sao (pronounced: sow) beach. I was the only one that got into the water. Not even Hannah mom or dad got in. Just me. Then we went back to the resort and swam. Hannah played with her Norwegen friend again and then we went to the room to get ready for dinner. We saw the beautiful sunset on the beach and went down to get pictures. We decided that it would be easiest to eat at the resort’s restaurant. The menu didn’t have very many choices but we ordered and after a while the waiter came back and told us that some of the things that we ordered were not avalible. So we had to re-order some of our dishes. Anyway the food came and we had a pleasant meal. The area had a little stream and some nice trees and vegitation which mada for a pleasant atmosphere.