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Twenty Fith Day - Flight to Hue 11/26/10

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Well today is our last few hours in Hanoi. After breakfast we went to the air port for our flight to Hue. (Hue is located in the central part of Vietnam.) It took only one hour to get there and when we did we had to show our baggage claim tickets. Mom was so unused to having to do this so she had to dig for the tickets! Anyway the airport was extremely small so we just walked outside and people with signs were there waiting to pick people up. We found our guy and then got into the car to go to our hotel. As soon as you walked in there was a great atmosphere, trees, grass… The first things that you saw were some handcraft shops where you could buy things. Then the lobby. Behind the lobby was a restaurant for lunch and dinner and to the left of that was the internet cafe. Behind this were rows of rooms set up with little houses that made it feel like a neighborhood. There were two swimming pools and another restaurant that served breakfast. There were spas and beauty salons and all sorts of other stuff. We were greeted and then sat down and an employee talked to us about the services. Then we were shown to our room. It looked on the outside like it wasn’t a connecting room but when we got inside we saw that is was. The rooms were mirror to one another so I will take you on a tour of one and you will just have to switch it around in you head to have an idea of what it was like. I’ll tell you about our room just because I want to. When you entered into your room you were in a little corridor that if you walked forward a little bit and looked to you right would be a huge bathroom that I will tell you about in just a minute. If you keep on walking you would in the main room and to you left would be the door to the other room and your right the bed that I slept in. Walk a little further and you would be in the center of the room with a steep right in front of you and a sofa. To your left is the mini bar and the closet. If you went around the sofa and down the steep you would be right next to a desk. Walk a little further and the TV would be to your left. Look right now and you would be looking over a coffee table at the bed that Hannah slept in In front of you just a little to the right are the doors to go outside onto the balcony. Outside were some chairs and a little lounge thing. OK now I will tell you about the bathroom. As soon as you walked in you would see yourself in the mirror and underneath the mirror the sink and amenities. Turn right and you would be looking at the shower and then tub. The water from the shower just flowed down to a sunken area with rocks and went to the drain. Go forward and do a right turn you wold be seeing yourself in another mirror. Look in the opposite direction and you would be facing a towel rack. Walk a little further and turn left you would be facing the toilet. Well that’s all, the only difference between the two rooms is that mom’s and dad’s didn’t have the extra bed like the one that Hannah slept on. Then we walked around enjoying the nice atmosphere and finding the pools and restaurants and the spa ext. Then we had dinner at the restaurant. Dad had hot pot. (By the way what I ate at the Kangaroo Cafe wasn’t hot pot it was clay pot.) Basically hot pot is a big wok set up on a little burner. You had some broth and some other vegetables. Then you have to add all sorts of different ingredients to the mix to cook them. Once cooked you would roll it up in a piece of rice paper. I forgot what I had but dad’s meal was memorable. After dinner we went to bed.