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Thirty-third Day - Drive to Chao Doc 12/4/10

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Today we woke up and got readdy to drive to Chao Doc. We went through Can Tho and then kept on going north to Chao Doc, a place very close to the border with Cambodia. The first thing that we did was go on a boat ride. We rode around and see many exiting things. One thing that really stood out were some people fishing with big nets. It was a simple design for these big nets. The frame was just two ladder-ish things conected at a fulcrum on the shore. One side is over the river and has a net attached to it. The other side is just free with nothing. The person fishing walkes on the ladder closest to shore and tips the net out of the water. Then he (of she) walks to the center of the contraption and pulls a rope that then pulls the net up. Then they put the fish that they caught in a smaller net. Then he walks to the end out over the water and waits for two miniutes and start the prosess over again. After the boat trip we went to a market. It was basicly just like any other Vietnamese market. We saw some pretty disgusting stuff such as frogs with their heads cut off but still moving. After the market we went to the hotel and got settled in. It was a nice hotel and the rooms were nice (we had to have two). The staff didn’t win any prizes though. We hung out for a while at the hotel (no tour because it wasn’t anything special) and went to the hotel’s restraunt for dinner. Then we went to bed.