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Thirty-seventh Day - Phu Quoc 12/8/10

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Today since we didn’t have much to do I will give you a tour of the resort. If you went in the front gate (opposite the beach) on your right are the staff’s area. On the left is a mortorbike rental place. Walk a little further and on both sides of you are little cottages where you can stay. Walk past the cotages and to you right is the breakfast room, the internet cafe, and reseption. Now walk around the bend in the path and to you left is a beach house. Walk a little further and (on your left again) you see the pool. On you right is the big house with four rooms, one of which was ours for the last four nights of Phu Quoc. Oh I forgot to tell you that on the second day we had to move to another smaller room. Anyway if you go a few steps more you are at an intersection. If you go on the path straight in front of you it will lead you to the beach house that we stayed in the first night of our stay. Turn right and you are facing the room that we stayed in for the lastr few nights of our stay. If you turn left and go down the steps you are in the area of the resorts restaurant and walk a little further and you are on the beach. That’s about all. I decided not to tell you anything about the second room that we stayed in because it wasn’t anything special. All I’ll tell you is that it wasn’t as nice as the first one, it was more like a regular hotel room. OK done with the tour. Durring the moring we played at the pool and the beach with the Norwegen girls Then we went to eat lunch. I forgot what we had, it must not have been very special. Then we hung out at the pool and worked on the blog for a while. Then at around three thirty dad and I got ready to go squid fishing. We were picked up late, fifty miniutes late actually and went to a van at the hotel next door. Two people were already there. Then we waited for two guys from the hotel. Finaly they came but then they went to their rooms for fifteen minutes! Well they got in and they said that they had gotten lost on the island. I can’t immagine how they got lost because the entire island except in the cities have about ten main roads and a few secondary ones. They should have taken a map.  Well we went to another hote and picked up four more people. One boysterous man sat next to us in the van. Then we went to another hotel and picked up two more people. After that we went to the dock. On the way the driver blasted the music and when he stopped the music the man next to us said! Oh! That was good keep it up! So the driver turned it back on. For most of the trip I had one ear smashed on dad’s shoulder and the other ear pluged up with my finger. Well we made it to the dock without being deafened and when we got out some of the local boys who were playing soccer started dancing to the music coming out of the van. After that we got into the boat and went out to where all of the other tourist fishing boats were. We fished for fish for a while with big spools. I got pretty good at casting and I even caught a fish. Then we got a different spool for squid fishing. It didn’t have a bait just a shiny thing that you drew past the squid when you saw it. I didn’t catch any squid, we only got three squid and a few octipi. They squirted ink all over the place. Lucily there were buckets and we put them in those. We even caught two crabs with a net! On of the crabs was caught bu the man that sat next to us on the bus. I saw it and told dad. Then one of the ladys saw it and yelled. Someont handed a net to the guy and he scooped it out of the water. After fishing they grilled them on a little stove thing. They didn’t have very much meat but fourtunently they made some calamari soup for us to eat. The man who caught the crab had one bown and said, “I’ve had enough calamari soup for the next ten years! After the calamari soup which wasn’t my favorite we went back to port and went to a taxi. There was something about us and two other guys going in this taxi because they didn’t want us to walk in the dark. I guess that they didn’t want us to walk down the little road that leads to Cassia Cotages. Well we made it back safely and went to bed.