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Thirty-fith Day - Phu Quoc 12/06/10

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Well today is our first full day on Phu Quoc. We decided that today we would just stay at the resort and enjoy the beach and the swimming pool. We swam for a while in the ocean it was pretty special because this is the maybe fourth or fith time that we have seen the ocean and the beach in our lives. The last time that we really were at the beech was when we went to Hawaii when I was five. We stayed at the beach and at the pool for most of the morning and then we walked into town to see the town and look for some goggles for me because mine broke. On the way we stopped at a little stall for John’s Tours beside the main road into town. We boked a tour for tommorow of the south of the island. Allong with that we booked a tour to go squid fishing the night after tomorrow. Then we walked a little futher and found a shop that looked like it may have goggles. He didn’t have any but he told us where to go buy some. We walked in that direction and looked at some differnt shops until we got to one that sold goggles. We got the goggles and then headed back. The town wasn’t very big, just maybe five to ten main streets. By this time it was about time for lunch. We ate at a pizza place, it was good but we accidentaly got two pizzas. I think that when mom was asking for the size she pointed at one of the choices and the waiter thought that mom wanted to order that. Well we ate the second pizza and then went back to the hotel. We went down to the pool for a while. Mom chatted with a Norwegen man with two daughters. He asked where we were from and we said America. He asked which state we were from and then he said, oh, there’s a university somewhere it starts with a “B.” Of course he was talking about Boulder and when we said that he said that one of his friends was going to school there at Colorado School of Mines. Then another couple came over and said “Boulder? are you from Boulder?” It turned out that they lived in boulder and had come to Vietnam on a buisness trip for Celestial Seasonings. The reason is that all of the cinimon that celestial seasonings uses comes from Cassia Cottages. It just tells you how small the world is, three people metting at one spot all having something in common! Hannah played with the Norwegen girls one was nine and the other one was my age. The younger one had very good English, of course not perfect, but what would you expect from a girl that has oly taken two years of English! It wasn’t just “my name is Ellinor” it was “can you do a hand stand?” and things like that! Of course there were some grammar errors but they were minor. Then we walked down the beach to another place where we had dinner. It was good and then we went back to the hotel and went to bed. ZZZZZ (that’s dad snoring).