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Thirty-first Day - Trip to Can Tho 12/02/10

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Today was basiclly just a ride to Can Tho. We started out by metting our guide who’s name was Anh (pronounced: an with the a sounding like a mix of the letters O and A) and driving out on the way to Can Tho (pronounced: can toe). The first thing that we did was see how they make rice noodles. We stopped at a village in the sububs of Saigon and walked down a path to someones housenoodl factory. Anh explained the prosess of making the noodles which was very interesting but to many steps to explain. After that we got back into the car and drove on. We arrived in Can Tho and ate at a restraunt that was relly good and was close to out hotel. Then we went on a boat trip on one of the branches of the Mekong River Delta. We saw the floating market but it wasn’t very active and we are going to see it tomorrow. We got to go on a little cano paddled by a woman down a canal. It was very prety and we got to see life in the country side. We met the big boat and continued on out tour. We stopped to see the prosess of making popped rice. Popped rice is kinda like rice crispy treats. Any way the first step was that they placed a big wok over a fire and put sand from the river into it and a little oil. Then, once the sand was hot enough, they added rice to it. The  hot sand made the rice pop and then they put the rice into a sieve and sifted out all the sand back into the wok. Then they put it in another sieve and got all the rice husks which they used to fuel the fire. Then he started over again. After that they add some other ingredients to make it sweet and sell it to you. We tried to buy just a couple but we ended up with six, oh well. After that we got back on the boat and went to the hotel. We said goodbye to Anh and hung out in our rooms until dinner which we had at a restraunt in an indoor market. It was very nice and the food was good. After dinner dad got in trouble and asked for the price on a t-shirt that he liked. They went all over him and even he couldn’t get away. The one that he like was an knock off “Abercrombie”. They tried to sell him an knock off Osh Cosh shirt which was better quality. Of corse we knew that it was fake because Hannah and I out grew Osh Cosh a while ago. He ended up with the Abercrombie. Then I saw a t-shirt that had a picture of a Vietnamese telephone pole with all of the wires. I then went with one of the ladys to another shop and got a t-shirt that fit. Then we went back to the hotel. I won’t bug you with another tour because it really wasn’t anything special. And then went to bed.