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Thirteenth Day- Sapa and Overnight Train 11/14/10

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Today was our last day in Sapa. Today we got up and had breakfast and then went back to the room to hang out and try to figure out what we wanted to do today. We decided to go to the radio tower. Everyone said there was a wonderful view so we went. When we got down we paid and checked out. Then we started out. We walked up lots of steps and then had to get tickets to go the rest of the way. Then we walked up more steps until we got to a Mt. Fan Xi Pan Lookout (Pronounced like: fancy pants without the “ts” at the end. Fancy Pants isn’t really very original because we met some other people that named it that also) Then we walked a little way more and arrived at a fork. We went left and got to a little covered area where we stopped and had a drink because Hannah had a headache. Then we arrived at a Europe Garden. We saw a look out on the top of a hill but mom didn’t want to go all the way to the top. I wanted to go further but mom was to tired and Hannah had a headache. So, I decided to go up a path that I presumed went to the radio tower. I went up some steps and then more steps and then into finally got to the top. It probably wasn’t as spectacular as if we went up to the other lookout but it was a nice view. In the foreground was Sapa all laid out and then behind that in every direction were mountains. After I took some photos I went back down and surprised mom and Hannah by my speed. Then we headed back down the hill. Once down we went back to the hotel and hung out in the lobby until time to get on the bus to Lao Cai.
The drive to Lao Cai was a little traumatic because our driver was a little crazy. We were thankful that we got off the bus alive. We were dropped off at a Kangaroo Cafe sponsored restaurant and settled down at a table. The man who seemed to be in charge of the place asked us for our voucher and then went to get our tickets. He told us that we would leave for the train station at seven. It was six something so we decided to have dinner. While we were waiting for our food another van full OK let me re-state that. Another van BURSTING with people. There were nineteen people in a bus that fit, oh, fourteen people? Also there was everyone’s luggage along with the people!
We ate our food and then the man came to take us to the station. We got to the station and he took us to the train. He wasn’t as helpful as Mr. Viet but he took us to our cabin and then went away. The cabin was nicer than the last time but it was basically the same. The beds were a little bit longer (mom could fully stretch out on it). The water bottles were in a basket (instead of just loose on the table). This was an advantage because when the train bounced the water bottles didn’t bounce out on the bed (not that they would, but just the small things make it nicer). Also we had a trashcan which was nice. The…