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Sumner Evans
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Seattle International Airport 12:08 MTN Time

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We arrived in Seattle a couple minutes ago, and we came to our gate for the next flight. It took around three hours to get to Seattle from Denver. Now it will take approximately 11 hours to get to Seoul, Korea. We are about to go get a bite to eat.


We just landed in Seattle, Washington. The flight wasn’t that long, at least not as long as Seattle to Seoul, Korea. The flight to Korea is 11 hours long! wooee will that be a journey. Maybe I can get 40 winks in! ; )

     Let’s hope Asiana Airlines is a good airline, they have had some pretty bad reviews, plus I wish they give us some food, I am absolutely starving! Well I think we are boarding right now, so I think I will have to go. Well see you next time at Basher Academy!