Jonathan Sumner Evans
Sumner Evans
Software Engineer at Automattic working on Beeper

Saigon,(or Ho Chi Minh City)

Written by Human, Not by AI


So, we are back safe in Saigon. No problems on the plane, but the transportation to our hotel was aweful. I guess the guy who was supposed to pick us up, was wrong on the timing, so we waited for about 1 hour, till mom decided to call the guy. After waiting another half hour, the guy FINALLY showed up. He said, wait for 10 minutes, and I will get your ride. But of all things, another guy,( the guy who picked us up at the airport last time,) showed up and said to come with us. So we loaded up the luggage in the taxi, and ALMOST started out agoin, but then, the first guy said to wait another 10 minutes, and he would load us up into a “big” van, the van was the size of the other car, but we FINALLY succeded in getting to our hotel. We got a warm welcome, so that is all to tell you what we did this after noon.

                                                          SEE YOU LATER!!!