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Sumner Evans
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Hotel In Hanoi 11/1/2010

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7:23 MTN Time 8:23 Local Time

We got into the hotel at about midnight all wired up so we didn’t want to sleep. Finally we got to bed at about 2 o’clock. I can’t wait till tomorrow when we will have our first experience with crossing the busy streets.



Last night was exciting yet tiring. I  had slept a little on the plane, so when my mom, my brother, and I got into the room we were all wired up. Sadly to say we did not go to bed till about  2:00 in the morning. Where we are staying is on a side street, it is so much quieter than if we were on a main street. Actually the side street is really a little market. But around 7:00 the people start their businesses selling their goods.