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Choa Doc Ride

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Hey,today we are going to Choa Doc. That is on the way to Phu Quac Island. That makes sense that Phu Quac is an island. Anyway. This morning we went to a more occupied breakfast room. There was about… 20 people at breakfast. Mom and Dad were the odd balls, because they were the only white people. We had to leave for Choa Doc at 8:00 AM so we had a relatively hurried breakfast. We got ready and headed out on the road at precisely 8:00 so we timed everything well. Mr. Anh, ( our guide,) told us a very interesting story that I would like to tell you guys.


Once there was a man, who lived near a French colony, wanted to make some sort of  food that the French and the Vietnamese would like, so he got some beef, which the French like, and some noodles that the Vietnamese and the French would both like. So when he finished mixing the noodles and the beef together, he went out to sell the food. Well if you have the broth sitting out for a long time, the taste of the yummy broth goes away, and you get a bad taste, so the man had a charcoal fire in his baskets that he carried on his shoulder and when he went a round town, a French man saw him with the soup and cried laphu, laphu!! which means the fire the fire!! so he tried the soup and liked it, and called his friends over, and that is how the noodle bowl Phu came into the world.

                                                                              THE END!!