Jonathan Sumner Evans
Sumner Evans
Software Engineer at Automattic working on Beeper

Fourtyith Day - Saigon 12/11/10

Written by Human, Not by AI


Today is our last day in Vietnam. We woke up and ate breakfast. Then we hung out for a fem minutes to find things to do and work on the blog. Then we went shopping for a while. We ate lunch at a place called Wrap and Roll. In this restaurant you were served the food that you ordered with some green vegitables, noodles and rice paper. Then you rooled it all together. It was really good and then we went out and shoped a little more. After that we went back to the hotel and asked if we could have a small room for the night so that we could have a room until we leave at one o clock tomorow morning. They let us and we moved to the other room. Then we went swiming for a while to cool down. After we were refreashed we went to the room and got packed up. Mom and Hannah slept for a while and then I laid down to try to sleep for a while. I never did but my body got to rest. By this time it was about time to fialize out packing and go to the airport. We went down with out bags and got into the car. We made it to the airport but the gate wasn’t opened yet. Some people started to line up and we asked them if they were in line for our flight to Shainghi. They were and so we got in line. I took forever to get up to the desk and when we got there she couldn’t find our tickets! Finally she found ours but she couldn’t find dads! After a while she was able to locate dad’s ticket. Needless to say, we were the last ones at the check in counter. Unfourtunentaly she couldn’t check them to Denver so we would have to spend all of our time in Shanhai with our bags. Then we went to our gate and got onto the plane…(Look at the next post for the rest of the story.)