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Eighteenth Day - Back to Hanoi 11/19/10

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Today we woke up and got ready to go back to Hanoi. Once packed we met Phong outside and got into the Jeep. It wasn’t nearly as long as the drive to Ba Be but it still was pretty long. Just outside of Hanoi we stopped on the side of the highway where some stalls were set up selling corn and shuggar cane trees. We got out of the car and Phong bought some corn. Hannah had been wanting some shugar cane to chew on. So we went over to one of the ladys and asked for just a little piece. There were some miscomunications and we ended up with the entire tree. It was an interesting experience, being on the side of the road buying shuggar cane. One that I will never forget. We tried to chew it, mom liked it and Hannah liked it but I wasn’t a fan of it. We got back into the car and drove on. Finally we made it to the hotel checked in and went to our room and sighed a shgh of releif. It was nice to be back in a western hotel with clean rooms and soft beds (This is where Hannah’s song comes in). We relaxed in our room for a while and then went out to walk around Hanoi. Then we went back to the hotel and tried to catch up on our blog. We went out for dinner and then went back to the hotel. Ok now for the bed.