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Airplane to Seoul 12:27 MTN Time

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We are in the plane over Northern Japan. It has been a long ride but hopefuly wewill be landing in about three hours. We had traveled in a wierd path to get to Seoul it goes like an arch form Seattle and then goes over  some of southern Alaska after that it goes through some of Russia then for the last part of the journey we go down the west coast of Japan then it goes west to Seoul. I think that the reason for this path is this: the further up north you go the less distance it is to go arround the earth. This has been a hard flight for all of us. If you have ever gone on a long flight you know the experience. Sitting up trying to sleep, noise of the your fellow pasengers, noise of the plane, and so much more that henders you from having a good time on the plane. At least there are some goood movies going on I think I have watched one thing on a soccer chanel 2 times and wached Karate Kid 2 once and the end of it a few more times. Hannah and mom heve been attempting to sleep but I think unsucesfuly. We have been following the coastline of nothern Japan for a while and I think that we are about to turn towards Seoul. We are at 38,000 feet and going at about 300ish m/h. I’m going to get up and streach my legs so goodbye