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Sumner Evans
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Sorry Kids, We Aren't Going Camping this Weekend

Posted on in Politics • 149 words • 1 minute read

Since the Democrats in the Senate kept on tabling the House Republicans' reasonable requests, we are now in a shutdown. I don’t think that it will be too bad… Unless the Democrats keep their hard line on Obamacare. The Republicans in the house have used every possible means to make sure that this shutdown didn’t happen. They withdrew their request for total defunding of Obamacare and instead wanted only to delay it. When that was tabled by the Democrats in the Senate, the Republicans in the House passed another bill calling for the delay of only a few items of the Obamacare bill. Still the stubbornness of the Democrats in the Senate and the President sent us into this shutdown. And unless the Democrats in the Senate and the President start to think about working on a compromise, you won’t be able to take your kids camping this weekend.