Jonathan Sumner Evans
Sumner Evans
Software Engineer at Automattic working on Beeper

2024 Matrix Governing Board Endorsements

Written by Human, Not by AI

Election Results

2024-06-03: The results of the first Governing Board Election have been posted on the Blog.

I am happy that both Kim and Nico were elected as ecosystem members, and I am grateful that I was elected as an individual member.

Thank you to those who voted for me!

I’m running for the Matrix Governing Board as an Individual Member (see my Platform) and I am only eligible to vote as an individual member, but I would like to endorse a few Ecosystem Member candidates who are well qualified to represent the ecosystem.

Kim Brose

I endorse Kim Brose (HarHarLinks) representing Matrix Community Events as an Ecosystem Member candidate.

I met Kim in Berlin at the first Community Matrix Summit and has been active in organizing many other Matrix community events including the 2023 and 2024 Matrix Community Meetups at FOSDEM. He is a great community builder and is consistently welcoming to newcomers at the events. His Matrix pedigree is also deep and includes running a homeserver for multiple people, contributing to the simplematrixbotlib, and contributions to many other projects. He also is a public figure from Nordeck and presents their work on widgets regularly. Kim would provide a valuable perspective on the Matrix ecosystem as he has been involved so many aspects of our community.


I endorse Nico (Nicolas Werner) representing Nheko as an Ecosystem Member candidate.

I met Nico in Berlin at the first Community Matrix Summit although I’d known of him much before that through his work on Nheko. Nheko is one of the most fully-featured non-Element clients in the ecosystem. The Nheko project has led to many Spec clarifications and improvements and continues to stress-test the viability of new proposals. The Client-Server API often feels like it was designed by backend developers who are guessing at how clients will be implemented. However, there are many things that can be done to the CSAPI that will improve client developers experience. Having strong client representation on the Governing board will ensure that clients have a seat at the table in discussions about the priorities of Matrix.