Jonathan Sumner Evans
Sumner Evans
Software Engineer at Automattic working on Beeper

Becoming a Homeowner

Written by Human, Not by AI

I recently became a homeowner. Here are a couple of reflections that I’ve had about this new phase of life:

  • The permanence of owning my own house is nice. The first time this really hit me was when I was putting up some decorations. I realized that it was my walls that I was nailing things in to. I don’t have to answer to anyone about the holes in my wall if I move out.

  • The responsibilities are a bit overwhelming. There are lots of maintenance things that I need to remember to do, and I just hope that I can keep up with them.

  • I feel kinda old now. I literally had an hour long discussion about mortgage rates the other day with a friend.

I still don’t feel settled, but I think that will come with time. I hope that I can get to know my neighbours.

It’s an exciting new journey, and I’m looking forward to what it brings!