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Sumner Evans
Software Engineer at Automattic working on Beeper

Amsterdam - The Van Gogh Museum

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Tags: Travel, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Van Gogh, Anne Frank

Today I went to visit the Van Gogh Museum in the morning, and the Anne Frank House late in the evening. In between, I walked around the city, and met up with my coworkers for dinner. One of the reasons I chose the hotel that I did was that it was a very short walk over to the Van Gogh Museum. I had tickets for 10:00 at the museum with an audio tour. Read more...

Denver to Amsterdam

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Tags: Travel, Denver, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Today I once again am venturing across the pond for a work retreat. This time, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I’ll get there mid-day Saturday and I’ll spend the afternoon and all of Sunday sightseeing before meeting up with coworkers on Monday for a week of in-person work! My dad kindly took me to the airport this morning. Security was pretty crowded, but I have TSA precheck which makes it so I don’t have to take everything out of my bag and take off my shoes. Read more...


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Tags: FOSDEM 2023, Matrix Community Meetup, HSBXL, Matrix, Go, NixOS, Brussels, Belgium

For the first time since 2020, FOSDEM was held in-person in Brussels. FOSDEM is one of the largest gatherings of open source enthusiasts in the world every year. My employer, Beeper, funded my flight, and I decided to attend. It was a great experience! I learned a lot and have a long to-do list of projects to try out. I also really enjoyed interacting with the Matrix community and reconnect with many of the people who I’d met at the Matrix Community Summit in Berlin last year and meet a bunch new people as well. Read more...

Brussels Sightseeing

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Tags: Brussels, Belgium, Atomium

During my time in Brussels for FOSDEM, I took the chance to do a bit of sightseeing. Here are some pictures of what I saw. Church of Our Lady of Victories at the Sablon Palais de BruxellesApparently, Belgium is a constitutional monarchy. Grand-PlaceI’ve read that this is one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, and I have to say that might well be true. The AtomiumI didn’t go inside since it didn’t really seem worth it as it is located well outside of the center, but looking at it from the outside was very cool! Read more...

See you at FOSDEM!

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Tags: FOSDEM 2023, Brussels, Belgium

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be travelling to Brussels at the end of the month to attend FOSDEM, one of the largest open source conferences in the world! I arrive on 1 February, and I fly back on the 6th. My flight is being funded by Beeper, and I’ll be attending the Matrix Community Meetup at HSBXL and then the conference itself. I’m especially excited about the following devrooms: Read more...

2022 In Review

Posted on in Life Updates • 227 words • 2 minute read
Tags: Year In Review

This year was a good year. I’m going to list a few things that I’m thankful for, in no particular order. I’m thankful for… God’s goodness. My family. My friends. My church. Getting to ski with a bunch of friends in Utah at the beginning of the year. My new apartment in Golden. Getting to celebrate my sister’s graduation and wedding. My great coworkers. Getting to work on many interesting projects with great people at my job, including a really fun greenfield project to write a custom homeserver. Read more...

Advent of Code 2022

Posted on in Programming • 11283 words • 53 minute read
Tags: Advent of Code, Go, Competition

Every year since 2015, Eric Wastl creates a two-part programming problem for each of the 25 days of Advent. He publishes a new problem every day at at exactly midnight EST which is 22:00 the day before for me in MST. The last two years, I decided to do the problems as soon as they came out and streamed my problem solving sessions on my Twitch channel and uploaded them to my Youtube channel. Read more...

Starbase, Texas

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Tags: Travel, Starbase, Texas

On my way back from my work retreat in Mexico City, I took the weekend to visit my friend, Nic, who lives near SpaceX’s Starbase facility in southern Texas. Nic is a photojournalist for and reports on the developments at Starbase. My flight on Saturday was to Harlingen through Houston. The flight path from Mexico City to Houston took me basically right over my final destination, but I wouldn’t arrive for some number of hours because of my connection. Read more...

Mexico City, Mexico - Work Retreat

Posted on in Travel, Work Retreats • 2008 words • 10 minute read
Tags: Travel, Mexico City, Mexico, Beeper, Work

This week, my company (Beeper) had our Fall retreat in in Mexico City, Mexico. We have company retreats about once every four months and this was our fourth. Similar to all the previous retreats, the goal was to provide valuable in-person time to collaborate and connect as a team on a personal level. I was able to meet a couple people who had joined the company since the last retreat and reconnect with many coworkers that I’d met during previous retreats. Read more...

Berlin to Denver

Posted on in Berlin Matrix Community Summit 2022 • 212 words • 1 minute read
Tags: Travel, Berlin, Germany, Denver, Colorado, United States, Matrix Community Summit

Today I had to leave the beautiful city of Berlin to head back home from the Matrix Community Summit. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the city and at the summit. Getting to the airport via the train was uneventful and my quick flight to Munich was fine as well. On the flight from Munich to Denver, the seat configuration was a 3-3-3 in economy, and I was in D (outside of the middle row). Read more...
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