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Lisbon, Portugal - Day 2

Posted on in Trip to Portugal and France • 867 words • 5 minute read
Tags: Travel, Lisbon, Portugal, Castelo de São Jorge, Alfama, Feast of Saint Anthony

Today, I went to the Alfama district and toured the Castelo de São Jorge. Then, in the evening, I went out with some people from the hostel to the streets where there were celebrations for the Feast of Saint Anthony which is the largest festival in Lisbon. After a small breakfast at the hostel, I started walking over towards the Castelo de São Jorge in the Alfama district which is the old quarter of Lisbon. Read more...

Lisbon, Portugal - Day 1

Posted on in Trip to Portugal and France • 739 words • 4 minute read
Tags: Travel, Lisbon, Portugal, Taekwondo

After the week of the work retreat, I am staying in Europe for another week (until next Sunday). The first four days are going to be in Lisbon, and then I’m heading to Paris for a few days before flying home. I caught a ride from the retreat venue to the Lisbon in one of the taxis so that I wouldn’t have to pay as much for a taxi to the hostel that I was staying at. Read more...

Ericeira, Portugal - Work Retreat

Posted on in Trip to Portugal and France, Work Retreats • 2842 words • 14 minute read
Tags: Travel, Ericeira, Portugal, Beeper, Work

I spent the first week of my trip at a Beeper company retreat in Ericeira, Portugal: a town about an hour northwest of Lisbon. We were staying at an event venue called Alma do Paço. The goal of all of the work retreats is to allow the team to have a week of focused collaboration. We tried to take advantage of having all of the teams together by working on some cross-team projects. Read more...

Denver to Lisbon, Portugal

Posted on in Trip to Portugal and France • 632 words • 3 minute read
Tags: Travel, Denver, Lisbon, Portugal

Today I ventured across the Atlantic for the first time since 2019. The reason: a work retreat in Ericeira, Portugal, a small town about 40 minutes from Lisbon. My flight path was from DEN -> IAD (Washington Dulles) -> LIS. Both flights were uneventful, though slightly turbulent at times. The service from Denver to Dulles left at 15:30, and I had a red-eye flight leaving around 22:20 out of Dulles. The gate process at Dulles was highly inefficient, and it took way too long to board and get everyone’s carry-on bags onboard. Read more...

Mines High School Programming Competition 2022

Posted on in School • 4985 words • 24 minute read
Tags: High School Programming Competition, Competitive Programming, Mines, HSPC

For the last five years, the Mines Computer Science Department has hosted a High School Programming Competition (HSPC) modelled after the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). I wrote about the 2019, 2020, and 2021 competitions on this blog. This year, I wrote three of the problems and helped Colin Siles with organizing the competition. For the first time since the 2019 competition, this year's HSPC featured in-person teams. There was also a remote option to increase the reach of the competition. Read more...

Playa del Carmen, Mexico - Work Retreat

Posted on in Work Retreats • 2197 words • 11 minute read
Tags: Travel, Playa del Carmen, Beeper, Work

A couple weeks ago, my company had our week-long 2022 Q1 work retreat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico (about an hour south of Cancun). As with the previous work trip, the purpose of the retreat was for us to get to work together in person and to bond as a team. I got to see many of the people who were in Montreal again, and got to meet some of the new team members who have joined the company since September. Read more...

Advent of Code 2021

Posted on in Programming • 12624 words • 60 minute read
Tags: Advent of Code, Python, Competition

Every year since 2015, Eric Wastl creates a two-part programming problem for each of the 25 days of Advent. He publishes a new problem every day at at exactly midnight EST which is 22:00 the day before for me in MST. Last year, I decided to do the problems as soon as they came out and streamed my problem solving sessions on my Twitch channel and uploaded them to my Youtube channel. Read more...

Montreal to Denver

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Montreal • 358 words • 2 minute read
Tags: Travel, Montreal, Denver

This morning, I woke up at around 04:30 in order to head to the airport. Ian is on the same flight to Denver as I am (he then continues on to Salt Lake City), and Caroline's flight leaves at about the same time as our flight, so we all got an Uber together. We got to the airport around 5:30, and going through security was really quick. In many places (including Montreal) you go through US Customs before departing. Read more...

Montreal - Work Trip!

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Montreal, Work Retreats • 1408 words • 7 minute read
Tags: Travel, Montreal, Beeper, Work

As I mentioned in my previous post, the main reason for my travel was for a work retreat with Beeper in Montreal. The purpose of the retreat was for all of us to get to work together in person. For most of us (myself included), it was the first time meeting anyone else on the team in person. In fact, the closest person to me in the company lives in Provo, Utah. Read more...

Washington D.C. to Montreal

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Montreal • 580 words • 3 minute read
Tags: Travel, Washington D.C., National Building Museum, Montreal

This morning, I met up with Sam, Jo, and Robby and we went to breakfast together at a café. Then, we headed over to the building museum which opened at 11:00. The museum is not part of the Smithsonian, but it was very well done. It is located in a vast building that used to be an administrative office for the Pension Bureau. In the covered "courtyard" of the building, they had an exhibit about the renovation of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Read more...
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