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Setting up Pelican to Automatically Deploy to GitLab Pages

Posted on in Technology • 906 words • 5 minute read
Tags: Pelican, GitLab, GitLab CI/CD, GitLab Pages

Warning This article is out of date, and may contain outdated information. Since writing this article, I have migrated from Pelican to Hugo. I have also migrated away from GitLab to sourcehut and I'm deploying my site to a Linode VPS. I posted last year about my switch from WordPress to a statically generated site generated by Pelican by GitHub Pages in a blog post. Since then, my hosting situation has changed a couple of times. Read more...

London, England and Back Home

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Transatlantic Cruise • 497 words • 3 minute read
Tags: London, England, Denver, Colorado, Flight, British Museum, The Tube, Buckingham Palace

Today was my last day of vacation. I flew back to Denver in the afternoon, and I am starting my job at The Trade Desk on Monday which is just two days away! But, that means that I had most of the morning to be in London. So, I decided to go over to Buckingham Palace and then to the British Museum. I stored my bags at the hotel, and went to the supermarket to get some breakfast. Read more...

Southampton, England to London, England

Posted on • 1375 words • 7 minute read
Tags: Southampton, England, London, The Tube, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral, Evensong, Westminster Abbey, British Pub

Today we docked in Southampton, England. I disembarked as early as possible so that I could get in to London for as much of the day as possible. I did the "self disembark" which basically just meant that I had to carry my bag off the ship rather than have them take it for me. Mom is staying on the boat to go back the other direction to NYC. I took an Uber to the Southampton train station, and then I had to buy a ticket to get into London. Read more...

Queen Mary 2 Crossing

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Transatlantic Cruise • 3200 words • 16 minute read
Tags: Cruise, Queen Mary 2, WWII, Veterans

Instead of giving you a day-by-day on what we did on the crossing (I was told that it is not a cruise because only lowly peasants would go on a cruise), I'm going to just talk about some of the highlights and make some observations about my time on board the Queen Mary 2. We didn't stop in any ports, so it was just what we did on board. WWII Veteran Presentations One of the main reasons we went on this cruise was because the Greatest Generations Foundation, a group which helps tell the stories of WWII veterans, was on board with 21 WWII veterans. Read more...

Washington D.C. to New York City

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Transatlantic Cruise • 448 words • 3 minute read
Tags: Travel, Washington D.C., New York City, Broadway show

Today we left Washington D.C. Mom and I went by train to New York City, while Hannah and dad headed back to Denver so that dad can get back to work and Hannah can do a summer class for her nursing training. The ride to New York City was uneventful and easy. We got in a quiet car, which was nice and I was able to sleep for most of the trip. Read more...

Washington D.C. -- The Air and Space Museum

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Transatlantic Cruise • 422 words • 2 minute read
Tags: Travel, Washington D.C., National Air and Space Museum

I love airplanes, I love spacecraft, I love mechanical things that fly. Airplanes were one of my first and longest lasting obsessions (I'm not sure if my obsession with exhaust pipes started before or after airplanes... I was a weird kid.). Maybe my obsession with airplanes was due to the obscene amount of time I spent on them as a toddler and as a young child. For the two years that my dad worked in Indonesia, my mom and I went between there and the States every few months. Read more...

Washington D.C. -- The Museum of the Bible

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Transatlantic Cruise • 487 words • 3 minute read
Tags: Travel, Washington D.C., Museum of the Bible

Today we went to the Museum of the Bible. The museum houses many exhibits which explain the stories in the Bible, the Biblical manuscripts and their preservation and translation throughout the millennia, the impacts that the Bible has had on societies throughout history, and brings to life some of the stories and places described in the Bible. I am going to mention just a few highlights of the museum. There were many video panels throughout the museum featuring Drive Thru History and exploring locations in Israel that were described in the Bible, or were historically significant in the preservation of the Biblical manuscripts. Read more...

Washington D.C. -- The American History Museum

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Transatlantic Cruise • 501 words • 3 minute read
Tags: Travel, Washington D.C., American History Museum

Today we went to the American History Museum. I'm not going to really discuss the individual exhibits, rather I am going to describe my general thoughts on the overall theme of the museum. The general theme of the museum was that America was founded on certain principles and ideals. However, throughout our history, we have not lived up to those ideals. The main example of this is the stain of slavery and the legacy of racism against black people in America. Read more...

Washington D.C. -- The Holocaust Museum

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Transatlantic Cruise • 938 words • 5 minute read
Tags: Travel, Washington D.C., Holocaust Museum, Washington Monument, Lincoln Monument, Vietnam War Memorial

We woke up fairly late today because we were quite tired after our long travel day yesterday. Our apartment is very close to a subway station which is a few stops from the National Mall, the big grassy area in front of the Capitol. Our destination for the day was the Holocaust Museum, a tribute to the genocide of the Jews by the Nazi regime before and during WWII. We were not alone going to this destination; there were many school groups who were at the museum as well. Read more...

Denver to Washington D.C.

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Transatlantic Cruise • 210 words • 1 minute read
Tags: Travel, Washington D.C., Denver

Today we left for Washington D.C. I drove mom and dad headed to the airport early this morning (like 04:00). Hannah and I stayed in Denver for the morning so that we could attend a friend's graduation brunch. Hannah and I ended up leaving for the airport at around 13:00, arriving at around 14:00, and getting through security with no problems. We had nearly two hours before our 16:20 flight. Unfortunately for us, however, the flight was massively delayed. Read more...
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