Mines High School Programming Competition 2019

Posted on Mon 15 April 2019 in School • Tagged with High School Programming Competition, Competitive Programming, Mines, HSPC • 12 min read

For the last two years, the Mines Computer Science Department has hosted a High School Programming Competition modelled after the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). The Mines ACM Student Chapter does the vast majority of organization and operations for the competition. As Chair of Mines ACM, I was responsible for …

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HackCU V

Posted on Mon 25 March 2019 in Hackathon • Tagged with HackCU, Hackathon, Prize • 8 min read

A couple of weekends ago (Feb. 23-24), nearly 30 Mines students (myself included), attended the HackCU hackathon at CU Boulder.

Since the hackathon was so close and since I was driving up to the hackathon, I decided to bring all of my electronics. I brought my desktop, a monitor, my …

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How to Win a Hackathon

Posted on Tue 18 December 2018 in Hackathon • Tagged with Facebook Hackathon, Win, Hackathon, Prize, Hackathon Demo • 14 min read

Objectively, I’m pretty good at winning prizes at hackathons. I’m not entirely sure how/why, but I am. In this article I intend to try and describe some of the things which have helped me and my teams at hackathons. Please note that these are merely my experiences …

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Facebook Global Hackathon Finals - The Competition

Posted on Fri 16 November 2018 in Hackathon • Tagged with Facebook, Hackathon, Map, Competition • 11 min read

I woke up at 8:00 on Thursday morning. After a quick shower, I went down to eat some breakfast (provided again by Facebook). Then, we got on a bus and went over to Facebook HQ. This is a picture of building 18, one of the smaller buildings on the …

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Facebook Global Hackathon Finals - Day 1

Posted on Wed 14 November 2018 in Hackathon • Tagged with Facebook, Travel, Denver, San Francisco • 2 min read

This morning I left for a hackathon at Facebook Headquarters. I had to wake up at 3:30 since the flight was at 7:50 and I had to pick up Sam and Jack on my way.

We qualified for the Facebook hackathon at MHacks with our Datanium project. Unfortunately …

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ICPC Regionals

Posted on Sat 03 November 2018 in School • Tagged with ICPC, Competitive Programming, Mines • 8 min read

Today I competed in the ICPC Rocky Mountain Regionals at CSU.

CS@Mines at ICPC

Photo Credit: CPW

ICPC is the International Collegiate Programming Contest. It’s an algorithmic competition for college students. I’ve competed in ICPC three times now, but today was is the best my team has ever done. But I …

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End of Cruise

Posted on Sun 07 January 2018 in Panama Canal Cruise • Tagged with Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Denver, Colorado • 1 min read

Today was the end of our cruise :(

I woke up rather early to go say goodbye to Alex and Eric.

Alex, Eric, and me

Then we went to eat breakfast. Then we finished packing our bags and then played some ping pong while we waited to disembark. Eventually we just decided to play stupid …

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At Sea

Posted on Sat 06 January 2018 in Panama Canal Cruise • Tagged with At Sea • 1 min read

Today was another day at sea. The seas had calmed down, so the ship wasn’t rocking much at all. I spent a lot of time playing ping-pong, swimming, and playing chess (sound familiar). I played one guy who was really good (at least compared to me) rated ~1500. I …

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At Sea

Posted on Fri 05 January 2018 in Panama Canal Cruise • Tagged with At Sea • 1 min read

Today we were at sea. I had a lot of fun, but it isn’t very interesting to write about. I woke up pretty late, but I spent the day swimming and playing ping pong and chess. The waters were a bit rough, but not too bad throughout the day …

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Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

Posted on Thu 04 January 2018 in Panama Canal Cruise • Tagged with Puerto Limon, Costa Rica • 2 min read

Today we were in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. We disembarked and met our guide. He took us on a short tour of Puerto Limon by car on the way to the zipline. He talked about some of the interesting sites in Puerto Limon and described some of the culture of …

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