Jonathan Sumner Evans
Sumner Evans
Software Engineer at Beeper


Quick Links

Here are my preferred methods of communication, listed in order of how quickly you can expect to receive a response:


I prefer E2E encrypted DMs in Matrix.

I use my GPG key for signing git commits, git tags, and emails. If you have a GPG key and would like me to encrypt my email messages to you, please let me know.

There are a variety of ways that you can get my GPG key to verify my commits and emails. Here are a few:

  • PGP Keyservers: You can find my key on a keyserver. Just search for my email. I recommend using because the MIT keyserver is often overloaded.

  • Right here:

    My full GPG Key ID is:

    3F15 C22B FD12 5095 F9C0 7275 8904 527A B500 22FD

    You can download my public key here: sumner-gpg-pubkey.asc.