3 Tips to Survive Windows 8

Posted on Tue 22 January 2013 in Technology • Tagged with Charm Bar, Modern Taskbar, Start Screen, Tip, Windows 8 • 3 min read

If you got a computer within the past few months, you probably have a computer with Windows 8. If you got one at Christmas, it is almost sure to be one with Win8 (unless the people who gave you the computer intentionally put Win7 on it). Random comment alert, I …

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Why the Search Charm Shortcut is Win + Q

Posted on Mon 21 January 2013 in Technology • Tagged with Charm Bar, Shortcuts, Windows 8 • 1 min read

Ever wonder why the search charm shortcut key is Win + Q? I think I know why Microsoft chose this as the shortcut key. Then I looked at the actual letter “Q.” Notice how it kinda looks like a magnifying glass The circle part is the lens, and the little tail …

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My Thoughts on Windows 8

Posted on Thu 17 January 2013 in Technology • 4 min read

I first saw Windows 8 at my C# class last year (2011-2012 school year) and fell in love with it. Well… not really but… you know what I meant. Anyway, the teacher of the class decided to dedicate the second semester to programming for Metro (Metro is the same thing …

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