Setting up Pelican to Automatically Deploy to GitLab Pages

Posted on Tue 27 August 2019 in Technology • Tagged with Pelican, GitLab, GitLab CI/CD, GitLab Pages • 4 min read

I posted last year about my switch from WordPress to a statically generated site generated by Pelican by GitHub Pages in a blog post. Since then, my hosting situation has changed a couple of times. I first migrated to deploy straight to a DigitalOcean Droplet from Travis CI. Then, I …

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Setting up Pelican to Automatically Deploy to GitHub Pages

Posted on Mon 11 September 2017 in Technology • Tagged with Pelican, Travis CI, GitHub, GitHub Pages • 3 min read

I recently converted my site from WordPress to a statically generated Pelican site hosted on GitHub Pages. One of the most difficult parts of the transition was setting it up to automatically deploy to GitHub Pages. In this article, I will describe how I set this up.


I am …

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Apple Brings Calculus to the Table With Continuity

Posted on Sat 06 September 2014 in Technology • Tagged with Apple, Continuity • 1 min read

There is a concept in calculus called Continuity. Basically, if you have a graph without any holes (x values for which y is undefined) or vertical asymptotes (I’m not going to try to explain), it is continuous. With iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, Apple is bringing Calculus to …

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The Need for a New Type of Phone

Posted on Wed 26 June 2013 in Technology • Tagged with Feature phone, iPhone, Mobile phone, Smartphone, Walmart, Windows Phone • 1 min read

Currently, there are only two kinds of phones. Smartphones and dumb phones. I don’t think that these terms are descriptive enough. Take, for example, the iPhone versus the \$14.99 flip phone you can get at Walmart. Obviously, the iPhone is a smartphone and the flip phone is a …

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Change from Great Britain Settings to US Settings on RPi

Posted on Wed 26 June 2013 in Technology • Tagged with GB Settings, Locale, Raspberry Pi, US Settings • 2 min read

One of the most annoying things about the RPi for most of us is that it was built by Brits. Here are a few of the ramifications of this fact:

  1. By default, the trash can is called the rubbish bin. I don’t know about you, but I don’t …

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Editorial: iOS 7 shows how Apple is leading mobile computing

Posted on Mon 24 June 2013 in Technology • Tagged with Apple, Appleinsider, iOS 7 • 1 min read

Editorial: iOS 7 shows how Apple is leading mobile computing

When they stop complaining, it will be a sign Apple isn’t innovating.

  • Appleinsider Editorial

This is one of the best pro-Apple, anti-Everything else posts I have seen. It’s probably very biased and I cannot comment on the historical …

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Access Your RPi Headless

Posted on Sun 16 June 2013 in Technology • Tagged with PuTTY, Raspberry Pi, RDP, Remote, SSH, XRDP • 4 min read

This post is for people who have a Raspberry Pi (RPi for short) and want to control their RPi remotely, from a Windows computer on the network.


This guide makes a few …

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Browser Wars: Chrome vs. IE

Posted on Sun 03 March 2013 in Technology • Tagged with Browser Wars, Chrome, IE • 2 min read

Yes, you saw that right, I am going to actually put Chrome and IE (Internet Explorer) up together and see which one comes out on top. First however, I must say that I have a bias towards Chrome, however, considering Chrome has 46.60% of the market share 1 (as …

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CrashPlan Review

Posted on Thu 28 February 2013 in Technology • Tagged with Backup, CrashPlan, Review • 2 min read

I went out and signed up for the CrashPlan 30-day Trial a little over a month ago. I started by backing up about 350GB. (It didn’t finish during the trial, but we - my family - have the lowest connection speed that you can get and still pay money for it …

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Use Custom Themes on the Free Version of ObjectBar

Posted on Fri 08 February 2013 in Technology • Tagged with Custom Themes, ObjectBar, ObjectBar Free • 1 min read

One of the worst things about ObjectBar Free is that you can’t use custom themes. You are limited to the themes that ship with the free version. When you try to use the theme selector to select a different theme (such as one that you’ve installed), ObjectBar tells …

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Office 2013 Review

Posted on Sun 27 January 2013 in Technology • Tagged with Office 2013, Review • 3 min read

A little while ago I downloaded and installed Office 2013 Preview on my PC. Now, with only a few days before the final version shows up in stores I decided to post some of my thoughts on it.

  1. Files First

    [caption id=”attachment_319” align=”aligncenter” width=”1022”]The First thing you see when you open Word
2013{.wp-image-319 width=”1022 …

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3 Tips to Survive Windows 8

Posted on Tue 22 January 2013 in Technology • Tagged with Charm Bar, Modern Taskbar, Start Screen, Tip, Windows 8 • 3 min read

If you got a computer within the past few months, you probably have a computer with Windows 8. If you got one at Christmas, it is almost sure to be one with Win8 (unless the people who gave you the computer intentionally put Win7 on it). Random comment alert, I …

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Why the Search Charm Shortcut is Win + Q

Posted on Mon 21 January 2013 in Technology • Tagged with Charm Bar, Shortcuts, Windows 8 • 1 min read

Ever wonder why the search charm shortcut key is Win + Q? I think I know why Microsoft chose this as the shortcut key. Then I looked at the actual letter “Q.” Notice how it kinda looks like a magnifying glass The circle part is the lens, and the little tail …

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My Thoughts on Windows 8

Posted on Thu 17 January 2013 in Technology • 4 min read

I first saw Windows 8 at my C# class last year (2011-2012 school year) and fell in love with it. Well… not really but… you know what I meant. Anyway, the teacher of the class decided to dedicate the second semester to programming for Metro (Metro is the same thing …

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