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Sumner Evans
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Advent of Code 2021

Posted on in Programming • 650 words • 4 minute read
Tags: Advent of Code, python, competition

Every year since 2015, Eric Wastl creates a two-part programming problem for each of the 25 days of Advent. He publishes a new problem every day at at exactly midnight EST which is 22:00 the day before for me in MST. Last year, I decided to do the problems as soon as they came out and streamed my problem solving sessions on my Twitch channel and uploaded them to my Youtube channel. Read more...

Montreal to Denver

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Montreal • 358 words • 2 minute read
Tags: Travel, Montreal, Denver

This morning, I woke up at around 04:30 in order to head to the airport. Ian is on the same flight to Denver as I am (he then continues on to Salt Lake City), and Caroline's flight leaves at about the same time as our flight, so we all got an Uber together. We got to the airport around 5:30, and going through security was really quick. In many places (including Montreal) you go through US Customs before departing. Read more...

Montreal --- Work Trip!

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Montreal • 1408 words • 7 minute read
Tags: Travel, Montreal, Beeper, Work

As I mentioned in my previous post, the main reason for my travel was for a work retreat with Beeper in Montreal. The purpose of the retreat was for all of us to get to work together in person. For most of us (myself included), it was the first time meeting anyone else on the team in person. In fact, the closest person to me in the company lives in Provo Utah. Read more...

Washington D.C. to Montreal

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Montreal • 580 words • 3 minute read
Tags: Travel, Washington D.C., National Building Museum, Montreal

This morning, I met up with Sam, Jo, and Robby and we went to breakfast together at a café. Then, we headed over to the building museum which opened at 11:00. The museum is not part of the Smithsonian, but it was very well done. It is located in a vast building that used to be an administrative office for the Pension Bureau. In the covered "courtyard" of the building, they had an exhibit about the renovation of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Read more...

Washington D.C. -- The Air and Space Museum and the Postal Museum

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Montreal • 949 words • 5 minute read
Tags: Travel, Washington D.C., National Air and Space Museum, National Postal Museum

I woke up this morning around 08:30 with the plan to meet up with Sam, Jo, and Robby at the Air and Space Museum when it opened at 10:00. However, since Robby had gotten in so late, and had flown into Dulles (which is a long way away from DC), they were pretty slow getting up this morning. I decided to go over alone and start looking at the exhibits. On my way, I came across a 9/11 display on the mall. Read more...

Denver to Washington D.C.

Posted on in Trip to D.C. and Montreal • 933 words • 5 minute read
Tags: Travel, Washington D.C., Denver, National Natural History Museum

Next week, Beeper is having a company retreat in Montreal, Canada. Since I haven't really done any sort of leisure travel that requires air travel since the pandemic began, I decided to tack on a weekend getaway to the east coast. I decided to meet up with a few fellow Mines graduates to hang out in DC for the weekend. Today I flew out of Denver to Washington D.C., and I'll be flying to Montreal on Sunday. Read more...

I Joined Beeper to Help Build the Future of Chat

Posted on in Life Updates • 337 words • 2 minute read
Tags: Beeper, Job

Today I am happy to announce that I have joined Beeper, a startup that is building the future of chat by connecting all of your chat networks together in a single application. I will be primarily working on building bridges to other chat networks to bring more people into the Beeper ecosystem. Beeper is built on top of the Matrix protocol which is an open, decentralized communication protocol. I have been interested in Matrix since college (we used it for computer science club communications), and have been following its development closely for a few years. Read more...

Why I Migrated to Sourcehut and Why You Should, Too

Posted on in Technology • 2139 words • 11 minute read
Tags: Source Control, CI/CD, sourcehut, Open Source

Over the past few years, mainstream git hosting services such as GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket have become more and more bloated and locked-in. For example, the recently added GitHub Sponsors feature is both unnecessary and a potential vector for vendor lock-in. Other examples include the security and compliance features that both GitHub and GitLab have integrated in the past few years. Some even argue that the pull request itself is feature bloat. Read more...

Mines High School Programming Competition 2021

Posted on in School • 2536 words • 12 minute read
Tags: High School Programming Competition, Competitive Programming, Mines, HSPC

For the last four years, the Mines Computer Science Department has hosted a High School Programming Competition (HSPC) modelled after the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). I wrote about the 2019 and 2020 competitions on this blog. This year, I wrote one of the problems and helped with some of the administrative backend. I also hosted a live broadcast during the competition with another CS@Mines alum, Sam Sartor which you can view on YouTube. Read more...

Sublime Music, a Linux Subsonic Client, Beta Released

Posted on in Projects • 725 words • 4 minute read
Tags: GTK, Music, Subsonic, Airsonic, Gonic, Navidrome, Offline, Chromecast, MPRIS, Linux, macOS

Today I'm happy to announce Sublime Music to the world! Sublime Music is a feature-packed native GTK client for Subsonic-compatible servers such as Airsonic, Gonic, and Navidrome. Sublime Music is in beta and version 0.11.0 is available on the AUR and PyPi. Hooked already? Check out the website! The Albums tab of Sublime Music. Clicking on an album cover shows the details for that album. See the Sublime Music website for more screenshots. Read more...
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